*buys a new set of oil paint for art class*
*uses it to paint art for friends instead*

Naowott (c) naoren
Corms (c) sassyumbreon

(Psst, they’re cut outs so I may or may not be playing with them right now… o///o)

(Also, sorry for image quality. I finished these around 6pm today so I had to use flash)

Finally! After weeks of careful breeding, feeding and research into genetic traits; We are pleased to present you with the very first generation of Pygmy Wailmers!

*Hands you a bag of special poffins*

Be sure to feed them only these for the first month. After which, we’ll give you the next batch of feeds so that they won’t bloat up from eating. Wailmers are very sociable creatures, spending much of their life with their mothers or with their pod. Giving it lots of love and letting it meet other Pokemon is recommended for its emotional health.


After lots of money was spent, and lots of research was done, RX got me a tiny wailmer! I’M GONNA FIGURE OUT A NAME FOR IT NOW


Knight of Doom, Page of Time

Naowott’s new outfit sparked the idea, and the arting of ti sparked the idea to livestream this

Thanks to everyone who watched!

and how bout those glasses that look more like what my real glasses look like actually

and the return of tympole headphones