Alice in Colors.

-Hiroto Man

this week, self-intro
Nao: I’m Nao, who last week was told by a shop assistant that I look like the drummer of Alice Nine
Tora: so what did you say?
Nao: ahh people often tell me that
Tora: well of course people wouldn’t be expecting him to wear that sort of poncho

Nao blog 19/6/14

Asia Tour !!


currently on Asia Tour!!
it’s Nao ☆

my first blog post ever since I changed to iPhone!!
finally got to update ( ̄◇ ̄;)

I memorized how to use the iPhone but this took half a year (laugh)

as a celebration, I took photo of my busy self ☆
(the theme is congratulations on 10th anniversary to Ameba! with roses)

Also! We are still in the middle of Asia Tour but, currently back in Japan!! 

In any case
I want to eat tuna
I want to eat ramen
I want to eat sushi
I want to eat shabushabu
I want to eat curry soup


will work hard for the last half of Asia tour!!

[sent from iPhone]