Touhou meets Shingeki no Kyojin! Ahh we need more of that!

クロスオーバー | 132 [pixiv]

進撃の巨人、描いて見た! | きぃら~☆コミケ2日目ネ45a [pixiv]

ウォール・レイム | naochi [pixiv]

進撃のTH | NEKO♨ [pixiv]

進撃のゆっくり その2 | 野良猫次郎 [pixiv]

進撃の妖夢 | ル一キ一ドリフト [pixiv]

魂魄妖夢 | Zratul [pixiv]

魂魄妖夢と射命丸文を、アニメ風に描いてみた(棒読み) | しましまねずみ@ツッコミ専門 [pixiv]

プリズムリヴァイ3姉妹 | 無賃乗車@c84三日東G25a [pixiv]

進撃の…え?妖夢? | LS55@マイピク募集ツイッタ [pixiv]

anonymous asked:

please don't post that terribly disgracious picture of me sleeping like a homo dumb kid with my mouth open okay おねがいしますლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

w o a h Naochi going so far as to leaving me messages on my blog LOL

Imma keep that picture

so I can look at it when I miss u (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿)

and i can think “woah look at this dumbfuck why am i friends with him”