Scientists have developed the first hybrid cell, which is capable of harnessing both motion and sunlight on a miniature scale. Nanogenerators can collect kinetic energy at the nanoscale by relying on piezoelectricity, and solar energy via existing dye-sensitized solar cell technology.

More back alley science

Hey guys, hows the domes holdin up after that spooky neutrino shit? Oh you weren’t phased by that? Apparently breaking the speed of light is whatevs, well let me lay some real HEAVY shit on you.


So we all know how bitchin LED TV’s are. Well what if I told you, we put them sukkas in some CONTACT LENSES. (ok, well one pixel, but dammit thats good enough for me)

Don’t worry tho they are powered by Radioactive Isotopes, TOTALLY SAFE.

Technically yea, they are safe, but come on, im supposed to put radioactive shit in my eyes?

Good thing we are developing this:

Flexible microchips, powered by the kinetic energy of your HEART. I mean it’s keeping you alive, big deal, it needs to also power our Ipod, and our super awesome eyeball TVs

Dear future, hurry up and make me Robo-Cody

4 Innovation

These little beauties make up a prototype microfiber nanogenerator; the end goal as of now is to integrate these into clothing and be able to create current just by moving. The zinc oxide nanowires are responsible for generating the electricity - when these structures flex, electrical charges are produced - and the technology could be applied to more outdoor objects such as windmills for even greener design!!

Flexible nanogenerator sees 40x energy efficiency increase - Infinite power to be commercialized soon

NANOGENERATORS are innovative self-powered energy harvesters that convert kinetic energy created from vibrational and mechanical sources into electrical power, removing the need of external circuits or batteries for electronic devices. This innovation is vital in realizing sustainable energy generation in isolated, inaccessible, or indoor environments and even in the human body.