This is the contest piece I was talking about (at least the “finished” and more coloured version of it, which I unfortunately could not finish in time)!

Oh Digimon, this series will always have a special place in my heart (especially the first season). You rock, you adorable goofy kids!

Work in progress. So many have I asked what I use. These are just some of the thinks.
From Left to Right:
Sketchbook: no specific really but I find chanson really good for everyday sketching.
Micron Pen: they come in different sizes and don’t really bleed a lot when applying on paper.
PrismaColor Pencil with extension holder: probably one of the best pencils I’ve used. And the extension are great for when your pencil is getting small.
Prisma Color Marker: I’m slowly getting into these but I love them. Takes time and practice but they are working great.
Eraser: can’t think of the brand. Sorry :/
And that is that. Everything else comes from your mind of endless imagination. Your mind is endless. Draw everyday, make time for it, cause in time, your will get better. :) also, don’t forget I have a SNAPCHAT: nanobit_
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Give those a likely if you want to see something “different” ;p
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Decepticon; Scientist

General Information:

-No Alt Mode, a freak accident while trying to develop nanobots to repaire superficial armor and circuitry wound up in having nanobots replace her components with themselves, all but her spark, so she has no alt form though sometimes she ‘liquifies’ either on will //which is painful// or by a certain frequency of sound or EMP //agonizingly painful// though she is still able to move about in a flowing movement.
-Size III/ Nine Foot
-Purple Optics/biolights
-Purple Energon
-IDW Universe

-Developing Viruses/ Building and repairing lab machinery
-speed/tactical thinking/survival

-Disruption of form due to nanobites
    ERROR: Spark attack with each disruption
-takes several minutes to recover
-Severe Helm Trauma
    Has been Corrected
-still has long term damage from said injury
    short term memory loss, insomnia, headache/migraine, blurred vision on occasions of high stress.
-self modded seeker adaptions to allow for flight, but the mods are also somewhat incompatible due to a fear of heights. 
-experiments on self, causing her altered state of existence

-a customized cannon added to her left arm, though incompatible she will use it, though at full power it causes extensive damage to internal circuitry and wiring all the way to her shoulders.
-blades on left arm/ back of legs
-Short term viruses usually of paralytic properties.
-tends to use blades and claws more than her cannon 

Is often silent, preferring to view what is going on rather than act on it, is often overlooked due to her size and silence. Has a few embedded fears of medics, and Seekers due to living in an area where seekers were used as the main form of executioners/cleanup. 
Can have a rather short fuse with others, doesn’t really understand social norms due to living on her own for so long. Takes conservation for survival to near fatal extremes, including disabling her own transformation cog and swapping her energon filter for a smaller version to slow her consumption of energon and preventing waste. Has already had a medic chew into her for that one though. 
For some reason her Short term memory issues has not had a negative affect on her work, and as far as she can tell, that will continue to be the case.

Reason for Joining: 
 She joined with the Decepticons simply because she found merit in what they fought for, though their methods are brutal, they seem to be getting a lot more done than the Autobots have given them credit for. Her simplest complain about the Autobots is quoted as “Their sparks bleed in more than one way, and it will wind up burying cybertron in a mass grave at some point.” 

frequent memory loss, either a mech/femme’s name, her name, what she was doing, when she last ate, etc. It gets pretty bad so she keeps notes, EVERYWHERE, lab partners may find datapads shoved into berths or drawers where they don’t belong due to her forgetting where she put them, or where to leave them so she can find them when she needs them. It does not seem to affect her work however, and why this occurs is still a mystery, even to her.  she is rather fast when she wants to be when it comes to one on one, though she rarely chooses to be quick about anything as development of viruses or other tech takes time, and can’t be rushed or accidents happen. She prefers to kill without a fight due to her size, she’s abnormally small, and can’t take on most mechs or femmes, so she aims for vital energon lines to cause opponents to bleed out rather than fighting head to head. 

I laid in my bed, starring up at my ceiling that was magiced to reflect the starry night outside, silently reliving everything that happened the night of the burning.

Finding Amalia’s body in Static.

Leo setting fire to the room.

The fire catching and spreading faster than any of us could anticipate.

Mysterious Nanobites (ones that Fyn suspects were injected to Amalia’s body set to be released when we tried to destroy her body) preventing any attempt at putting out the fire.


Finding Fyn. 

Saving my Oleanders.

I exhale. It had all happened so quickly. We lost so much.
Someone had found us out. Someone was sending us a message.
A strong one. Amalia had been like a younger sister to Leo and I. We had taken her under our wing and taught her every thing we know.
We were grooming her. Making sure she would reach her true potential.

Someone knew that. And they wanted to hurt us.
Hurt the society.

I roll onto my side, waving my hand and changing the ceiling again, back to it’s original white state.

What were we going to do?
Sure, Fyn had saved a great part of our history with his nanos but what was a history worth when our future was so very hazy.

All of our obvious Augs had been taken and locked away by my uncle Freyr. My Sagas displaced and scattered about the grounds, impossible to reach to even try to meet in private.

And Leo.

Leo had locked herself away.
Refusing to answer my messages let alone see me.

She had lost an arm, I couldn’t blame her but-
For some reason I felt like there was more to her hiding than that.
Leo and I never had secrets growing up but now…
Now I felt like that’s all she had.

I stand and start to pace.
I feel so smothered and claustrophobic here.
I need out.

I want to go back home so badly.

But there is no home, not anymore.

I want Leo
but I’m not even sure I have her anymore.

Suddenly I realize a shrieking noise is filling the room
a heart beat later I realize it’s coming from me.
I look down and see that I’m floating in the middle of the room, arms out and I’m screaming.
And it feels good.

I’ve lost everything I’ve worked so hard for.
I’ve lost everything.

I close my eyes and let the screams flow from my body.
Tears streaming down my face.
My screams slowly turning into sobs as someone bangs on my door.
My magic forcing them locked closed.

Suddenly I drop to the ground with a thud and I cry, curled up in a ball on the floor. I sob into my own arms.

With the tears comes release and my doors finally allow whoever was banging to rush in to my side.

It’s Fyn.

Of course it is.  I reach up and cling to him, pouring out every ounce of emotion I have left inside of me into his chest. My radia burning red between us.

He’s murmuring something against my ear but I don’t understand it. I vaguely take notice of him rubbing my back and kissing my head, all in an effort to calm me but it doesn’t work. Nothing will.

I cry and scream until there is nothing left and I truly feel empty inside.
My radia dimming until it fades almost completely.

I lay limply against Fyn, listening to his breathing, until finally he picks me up and walks me over to my bed.

"I want to go home." I whisper softly as he turns out the lights, leaving only a string of fairy lights on above us.

"I know." He whispers just as softly. He climbs into my bed and holds me close.  He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small patch. "This will make you sleep my love. Would you like it for awhile?"

I look up at him and nod.

I’m not sure what he saw when he looked down at me but his expression changed to something I didn’t recognize. Something sad and pitiful.

He slowly peeled the back off of the patch and pressed it onto my hip under my bottoms.

Sooner than I expected my eyes began to grow tired and I couldn’t keep them open for a second longer. Sleep over came me.

And I slept a dreamless sleep.