Nanny Tricks

Getting Hope (4) ready for the day and I decide to try and get her to wear her new sneakers. (You see she is a forever girlie girl who refuses to wear any form of shorts or pants, only skirts and nice shoes) Recently Mrs A has been trying to find the most girl looking pants and sneakers for her to wear to preschool.
Today we were taking a trip to the local Science Museum. (Granted she was wearing a skirt of course, but I wasn’t picking that fight this morning) So I went ahead and got her new kicks, pink and sparkles every wear Hello Kitty converse knock offs! I started putting them on:

Me: “Hey Hope! Look we match! (I was wearing my black Chucks). But I don’t have any pink sparkles on mine (cue sad face on Rae Rae) or a Hello Kitty?! (Cue even sadder face)”

Hope: “Ha! Well I guess I win!”

Me: “Yeah, I guess you do!” (It’s working….)

Hope: “And you loose!”

Me: (actually sweetheart I win…. Because you are wearing sneakers!)