opens tomorrow, May 25, 6-8p:

Vintage Violence
 curated by Monya Rowe and George Rush
Monya Rowe Gallery, 34 Orchard St., NYC

featuring work that explores violence in complex and often personal ways.

artists: Nayland Blake, Richard Bosman, Angela Dufresne, Carroll Dunham, Judy Glantzman, Nancy Grossman, Lyle Ashton Harris, Vera Iliatova, Tony Matelli, Norman Paris, Dasha Shishkin, Tommy White

just opened:

A Chromatic Loss
 curated by Jeffrey Uslip
Bortolami Gallery, 520 W20th St., NYC

examines the poetics and politics of the body, technology and the shape of time in the binaries of black and white. The exhibition’s restrictive palette allows the artwork’s immanent criticality and material subversiveness to simultaneously cohere as a unified collective and maintain divergent subject positions. In this exhibition, established artists such as Betty Tompkins, Tom Burr, John Coplans, Donald Moffett, Nancy Grossman and Frederick Hammersley coexist alongside an emerging generation of artists, including Wyatt Kahn, Xylor Jane, Robert Zungu, Dave Hardy, Michelle Lopez and Archangelo Sassolino, to deploy abstracted, allegorical and symbolic representations of the body within a post-historical culture.