“When he says, ‘I’m so excited! So-and-so’s coming tomorrow!’ he absolutely means it. When he says, ‘the beautiful, the talented,’ he 100 percent means it. Even though he might say that about a lot of people, it’s very genuine. It’s exactly how he’s feeling at that moment. If we’re going out to dinner, he can’t wait! He loves it there and he loves that waiter and he can’t wait and wants to go back and visit the waiter.”

-Nancy Juvonen on Jimmy Fallon

Making comedies, you end up knowing people that you would swear would be the funnest people ever in the whole world. And they’re not. They’re really mean and depressed and hideous people. But Jimmy sees life as an opportunity and happiness as a choice. He’s cheery in the morning. He wakes up happy. He gets the joke of life.
—  – Nancy Juvonen on her husband Jimmy Fallon

“I think we really respect each other, and we really found our right match. You’ve gotta find your right match. You’ve gotta wait until you find it, and then it’s fun all the time. We’ve been together five or six years. We stopped counting when it works. All those things just work, you know what I mean? You’re happy all the time. Love isn’t hard. Love is not hard.“ -Nancy Juvonen-Fallon