Current Fic List - Master List

*(not including one-shots)


Current Active Projects

  • Rehabilitation: Absolution (Red vs. Blue) - updated every other week. Ao3 or
  • Blood Gulch City (Red vs. Blue) - series; updated at random. Ao3 or
  • Small World (SuperWhoLockFormersOmens) - series; updated at random. Ao3 or
  • Fallout: Adaptions (Transformers) - updated at random; Ao3 or
  • Caging the Beast (Katekyo! Hitman Reborn) - updated at random; Ao3 or


Temporarily On Hold

  • Revelations (Supernatural) - Ao3,
  • Restoration (Watchmen) - Ao3,
  • Outer Limits (Tron: Legacy) - Ao3,
  • Flipside: Aftereffects (Transformers) - Ao3,
  • Flipside: The Spontaneous Files (Transformers) - Ao3,





  • One Fine Year (Supernatural/Good Omens) - Ao3,
  • Second Chances (Knight Rider) -


Future Projects

  • Schism (Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit)


humanvolunteerforce replied to your photo: bit by bit, i am committing fandom sacrilege…

oh my god you’re the one who writes this? i had no idea oh my god it’s the only superwholock anything i’ve ever been able to bring myself to read i adore this thing I HAD NO IDEA YOU WROTE IT


you’re damned straight i’m writing this

Ahaha I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying it! :) Thank you for reading!

BETA REQUEST [Superwholock]

I am in desperate need for a beta reader/idea wall for a MASSIVE SuperWhoLock fic of mine (Small World). You can see my other works here.

:C i will pay you with undying love

Upcoming Projects

Despite the fact I swore I would only work on my original fiction until I got it done, I am a dirty liar.


  • "Schism"; LOTR/Hobbit. Insanely large, but it will not see the light of day until all 75 chapters are written and edited. It will also have chapter illustrations, because I’m suicidal.
  • "Small World"; technically in-production, but only the prequel chapters. The main story I haven’t even touched yet.

Then there’s that giant Transformers fic, but I may be ninety years old before I get to that one. We’ll see.


Finally moving my fics over to Tumblr, for all the ten people who may actually be interesting in reading fics on Tumblr. :D

My name is Nan00k (as the username suggests) and I have been writing fics for…well, about ten years actually. My main fandoms are Transformers, Red vs Blue and Supernatural, but I have branched out into various different fandoms. I will be posting a master list of my fics for each fandom eventually, that will be updated when I have the time (I’ll try to be punctual and update them as I update the actual stories.)

My Ao3 Account

I will also be posting occasional updates on my stories (and future projects), but if you want “constant” updates, I recommend going to my twitter, also under the name nan00kwrites.

My main tumblr account is spontaneousthings, but it is not strictly fandom-related. It’s anything I want, including what some may refer to as social justice, plus LGBTQ* topics, and serious discussions on social issues like race and religion. I am also heavily liberal. But if you want to stop by there too, feel free!