3D-REX: A 3D Printed Tyrannosaurus Rex Sculpture

Move your wall hangings into storage, namisu from Madrid and Edinburgh has created something a bit different for your wall. Their Kickstarter project for 3D printed Tyrannosaurus Rex Sculptures aims to bring together the tradition of fossil collecting and displaying with new technologies. In doing so this design team has played with nature’s creations to influence some of their own. The sculptures they have designed are wire frame fossils created with Selective Laser Sintering, which the team states “feels and looks more like something between wood and stone, rather than plastic. It actually feels like a fossil!” The project comes in two designs, one for walls, and one for tables. You can check out the rest of their Kickstarter project, and their video discussion, here

- Lee Jones 

Nexus Minimal Fountain Pen

One look at UK-based design team Namisu’s Nexus fountain pen will speak volumes about their philosophy of “Less is more.” The pen writes off all the features unnecessary to its function, instead focusing on its materials, design, and quality. Precision-machined from titanium or 6061 aluminum, the Nexus also features a nib made by German-based industry standard Bock. You can pre-order the Nexus with your choice of nib and body material until the 7th on their Kickstarter campaign.




La generación de objetos de diseño que reproducen el mundo natural mas antiguo » un dinosaurio « con las nuevas técnicas de produción, el contraste entre lo último y el origen, es el sugerente concepto en que se ha basado este joven esudio madrileño, Namisu.

Así, han conseguido una pieza ligera y llena de energía.

Web del proyecto y su facebook!

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