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Random anon here! This is a question that has been bugging me for so long now. How would black people be treated in the httyd universe? I'm creating a black female oc and the racial difference been bugging me ever since I got the idea.

I have a number of darker skinned characters in my fic I’m writing now. All a part of the BA. All Vikings.  They’re treated as… Vikings?  It’s the Barbaric Archipelagoes.  It’s less about your race and more about your culture.  So long as you aren’t some namby, milksop Englishman or a sneaking Roman or one of those dragon-worshippers from the East, your another axe-wielding Viking.

shvdowlvnd replied to your post:cautiously wraps a ribbon around a rock and offers…

( rock lee snorts —

Myungsoo I’m gonna fucking rip your guts out I do not look like Rock Lee, I don’t prance around like a giant namby pamby in a green shellsuit looking like a fucking shell-less twat turtle?!

  • Demyx:It's bollocks, Axel! It's your brand of bollocks from first to last.
  • Axel:No, you can't ever see the big picture. You can't see any picture!
  • Demyx:I am talking about something primal. Right? Savagery. Brutal animal instinct.
  • Axel:And that wins out every time with you. You know, the human race has evolved, Demyx!
  • Demyx:Oh, into a bunch of namby-pamby, self-analyzing wankers who could never hope to...
  • Axel:We're bigger. We're smarter. Plus, there's a thing called teamwork, not to mention the superstitious terror of your pure aggressors!
  • Demyx:You just want it to be the way you want it to be.
  • Axel:It's not about what I want!
  • Roxas:Sorry. Is this something we should all be discussing?
  • Axel:No.
  • Roxas:It just sounds a little serious.
  • Axel:It was mostly... theoretical. We...
  • Demyx:We were just working out a - Look, if cavemen and astronauts got into a fight, who would win?
  • Roxas:Ah. You've been yelling at each other for 40 minutes about this.
  • [pause]
  • Roxas:Do the astronauts have weapons?
  • Demyx, Axel:No.

Excellent piece by another woman who moved away from namby-pamby 3rd Wave feminism:

"But one thing kept bothering me. There was something I did not understand: 

“What is a woman?”

 I could not stop thinking about this question. I asked female friends privately and found that many of them were confused too. I kept hearing that “trans women ARE women” and I wanted to understand what it meant. I thought there was something wrong with me that I didn’t immediately see it. Was I a secret bigot in my heart of hearts? I felt like I was doing something wrong by even contemplating this, but it would not go away.”


Jay Nambi is twenty-four years old. He is a Musician (Saxophone) for both The Red Rabbit and The Rabbit Hole. He resembles Avan Jogia and is currently open.

bio points
  • From Toronto, Canada
  • Excelled in school and began pre-med studies in Canada.
  • Realized what he really wanted to do was play music. He enrolled at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts with a scholarship and a student visa.

These connections are suggestions more than anything. Aside from familial and past relationships, other connections are completely up to the roleplayers.

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I'm kind of laughing at the anon who said you get "angry and confrontational." Honestly, I don't think some of the people who you call out have ever been told that they're wrong before, or if they have, it was in a namby-pamby manner, by someone who was trying to not bruise egos. You tell it like it is, and leave no room for argument, and honestly, I think that's brilliant. Kudos to you!

Thank you! That means a lot to me, mon ami!

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'I want the K'

21. Then there’s tongue ((Oh dear))

It was the first day of spring, and everybody knows what that means. The first ice cream of the season! Bravoman happily devoured his hot fudge sundae, which was absolutely drowning in extra hot fudge and whole shelled peanuts, none of that namby-pamby teeny tiny crushed peanut bits.

He was already halfway through his behemoth of a frozen treat, when he looked up at Taizo and noticed his face. Yeesh, what a messy eater! He almost got more ice cream and toppings on his face that he did in his mouth. And worst of all, it was one of the best flavours!! How DARE he not treat that amazing dessert with the respect it deserved. Why, it was monstrous, unthinkable! He HAD to put that ice cream in a belly where it belonged. Plus, he just wanted an excuse to try it without going through the trouble of distracting him and stealing a spoonful when he wasn’t looking.

He put down his spoon and suddenly leaned forward until his face was right infront of Taizo’s. With a playful smile, he gave the man a huge lick up his cheek and left a streak through the cream on his face. “Doggy kiss!!”

rosemarylemon said: Wtf why does every abuser have this namby pamby style like I thought this was someone I used to have to deal with but wtf! !!!!! Gross!!!

i knowww it seems like Literally every problematic person has the pale pastel uwu thing going on its horrible

The Dumbest Zenpencils Comics

You know, most webcomics are independent projects, and are thus more unrestricted in what they can do and what stories they can tell, and yet so many of them just end up being namby-pamby. Shortpacked (which has recently ended) had so many strips dedicated to the female characters whinging about sexism and DA PATRIACHY, and it felt more apologetic than humorous.

And then we have Zenpencils, one…

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Charlie Holt is twenty-five years old. He is a Bartender at The Red Rabbit and The Rabbit Hole. He resembles Daniel Sharman and is currently open.

bio points
  • From Brooklyn, NY
  • Was raised in a poor neighborhood by a single mother who worked three jobs to pay for his private school.
  • Dropped out of NYU while on s scholarship at age twenty-one when an infant, who turned out to be his biological son, was dropped off on his doorstep.

These connections are suggestions more than anything. Aside from familial and past relationships, other connections are completely up to the roleplayers.

I was bitten by a rabbit. Or rather, I was nibbled by a rabbit, but because I was such a weedy, namby-pamby little pansy, I reacted as though I’d lost a limb. It was the sheer unfairness of it all that so upset me. One minute, I was saying, “Hello, Mr. Bunny!” and smiling at his sweet little face and funny floppy ears. The next, the fucker savaged me. It seemed so gratuitous. What, I asked myself, had I done to the rabbit to serve this psychotic response? The more pertinent question, though, is: why was I such a wuss?
—  John Cleese in his autobiography, “So, Anyway…”

Rumble smiles at the complement, walking over to the mech and patting it gently. “Ain’t she just beautiful? Those namby-pambies in Piltover wouldn’t know an impressive piece of machinery like her if it smashed their face in with a mace.” He carefully replaces the harpoon firing system back into the mech, turning back to Zeta. 

“Always interested me too. Used to take stuff off the bullies when they weren’t lookin’ back in school and use ‘em to make things with stuff I had lyin’ around, silly little models with movin’ bits and what not. My dad found out what I was doin’ and told me off for it. Next day though, he bought me my first book on robotics. Hell, he even used to help me make a lotta stuff, but he’s too old for that now and I got a good idea of what I’m doin’. I gotta show him this thing one day, let him know his efforts on me weren’t wasted!” He smiles at the mech, regarding it with enamoured eyes.