FT Fluff week Day 4: Promises | Always

                                                     Lucy: Age 17   |||   Natsu: Age 18

“Dear Mama,

… Do you remember the time when I told you that Natsu and I kissed in the rain? 

It turns out, the idiot assumed that I’m his girlfriend the whole time. Nobody can blame me though, he never asked!

But… he asked me today… and… I… agreed.

He promised to be with me forever. And that he will always be mine. And he will cherish me until the end.

Gosh, I really love this idiot.

You fell in love with Papa around my age, right? Papa told me. We both can’t hide the relationship from Papa so we uh… it was funny really but uh… Natsu and I prepared a feast for Papa before we broke the news to him. The poor man almost choked on his chicken bone. Fortunately, he approved of us (after he thwacked Natsu in the head while saying that he will castrate him if he hurt his little girl. Poor Natsu.) and in the end, Papa cried because it reminded him of your love story, Mama. He told Natsu where you two met: In a business called, “Love and Lucky”. The place where you guys got my name. He told Natsu your love story and he was amazed. Although we were all crying when Papa was telling the story of your death. We miss you so much, Mama.

Papa gained his composure and told me that he was glad that I chose someone reliable. He told Natsu that he trusts him so much and that he considers him as his child. Papa admits that it’s kind awkward for his two children to get together but… as long as we’re happy, then he’s happy. He hopes that I wouldn’t get pregnant soon though because that’s what happened to you and Papa around our age.

Of course, I will not get pregnant! Yet… gosh I’m blushing.


Tomorrow, Natsu will introduce me to Grandine and Igneel as his girlfriend. I think they’ll be delighted because they even had bets about our relationship. Geez, adults should be mature and yet…

I’m kinda nervous… I’ve met them so many times and yet… ugh. This is different. But I’m sure it’ll be fine.

So, I have a boyfriend now, Mama.

I hope you approve of him. He may be an idiot at times but he always takes care of me. Ever since we were children, he’s the one I’m always with. I trust him with my whole life and it is mutual. 

I love you, Mama. Thank you for always being there.

Love, Lucy”

Goodness. I’m 12 days late. HAHA. My tablet is miraculously working in perfect condition and I’m back in my room. The repairs are done wahahah (for now). Gosh I missed drawing. I kinda forgot how I draw Lucy and Natsu in this style so uh haha sorry for the inconsistency if you noticed lmao.

                                                      Part 5 of 9

Parts: I (Puppy) // II (Together/Come On) // III (Music/Games)  //  IV (Starlight/Rain)  // V (Promises/Always)  //  VI (Count On Me)  //  VII (I Lived/Show Me)  //  VIII (Serendipity)  //  IX (Happy Ever After)

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Nalu 3?

#3 “Please, don’t leave.”

“Please, don’t leave.” Natsu freezes, eyes snapping open wide at the breathy plea. He rolls onto his back, gaze sliding to the sleeping form next to him. At his side, Lucy shifts, eyebrows knitting together, a pained look on her sleeping face, her breathing uneven. “Natsu,” she whispers, curling in on herself, toes brushing against his thigh under the sheets. His heart lurches his throat and he has to swallow down the knot there. Lucy squirms again, fingers clenching and unclenching. A soft whimper pulls from her throat and Natsu winces.

He knows how much he hurt her when he left so suddenly. He would be hurt too, if she disappeared without telling him one night, coming back a year later and acting as if nothing happened. He would be mad, too, so mad at her for leaving him, but at the same time he would be so, so happy. So happy to have her back.

Natsu doesn’t regret leaving. He had to do it–for himself. He only regrets hurting her in the process. He didn’t know that the guild would disband–didn’t know she would be all alone.

Sometimes he wishes he had said it to her face, told her goodbye directly, but he knows he wouldn’t have been able to leave if he did. One look into her eyes and he wouldn’t be able to walk away from her. He would have had to take her with him or–or not leave at all, but he had to go, he had to.

She understands. He can see it in her eyes that she understands why he had to leave. She understands, but that doesn’t make the pain go away.

“Natsu,” she breathes again, a tear staining her cheek.

He swallows, still watching as Lucy twists in the sheets, some nightmare plaguing her, swallowing her whole, and he does the only thing he can.

Natsu tugs Lucy into his side, both arms winding around her as he pulls her up to rest against his chest, his chin resting above her head. She relaxes almost immediately, a soft sigh leaving her as she curls around him, fingers clenching against his shirt softly. “Shh,” he coos, voice gentle as his lips press against her temple. “I’m right here,” he tells her. “I’m not going anywhere,” he promises, a hand smoothing up her back, the other pressed low on her spine, rubbing small circles against her bare skin. “Not again.”

Fairy Tail Ending 15 - You and Him, She and I 

HQ - Remastered - with NaLu Dialogue 

“Yo! How are you doing? / I’m fine / Natsu…I’ve always believed in you. Ever since I joined the guild / Ah, leave it to me.”

At first, I simply thought of you as a friend
because you already had a boyfriend
there’s no way I could love you, isn’t that right?
I also had someone precious in my heart, I had told you so, many times
but these days, we just don’t say a word to each other

The rain at the end of summer
the sound of stepping on fallen leaves
the one who listened to it by my side was you
you and him, she and I
we just can’t fit into one single umbrella, even so

I love you, more than anyone else, and I know you love me deeply too
because you are the one who looked at me the most

You and him, she and I
In my mind, I wish we all could laugh more together

Please reblog this post source or credit me for audio edits. See full disclaimer here. This song is by Breathe from their album Tomorrows. Gifs are by revailution.

Happy Birthday shandisworld!

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Nalu in a pillow fort waging heated battle against Gruvia in their own blanket fort XD

                                                     Nalu POV

   “We are not losing to the Ice Princess and Juvia!” Natsu growled as he stacked more large couch cushions together whilst stuffing smaller pillows in for support.

   “Wow, you’re really into this.” Lucy stated amused as she watched him.

   “It’s no joke when it comes to a victory!  Especially when it comes to Gray, tch.”  Lucy sighed and continued to help him build their fort in preparation for the ‘battling’ being waged between the four friends.

                                                    Gruvia POV 

    “C’mon Juvia, we need to move faster!  The pyro over there isn’t winning.” Gray snarled as he glared through an open patch in their fort at Natsu and Lucy’s pillow fort.  Only Natsu’s eyes could be seen in a crack between pillows and he narrowed them at Gray.

    “Gray-sama, Juvia is trying to go as fast as she can but she’s confused as to what we are winning?” Juvia questioned Gray as she hung more blankets.

    “It doesn’t matter, whatever it is, we’re winning!” Gray clenched his fist and made some supports out of ice.

    “Hey, no using ice, that’s cheating!” Natsu called over in anger managing to see Gray make a pole.

    “Don’t be angry because I’m better than you, Natsu!” Gray shot back.

    “You tryin’ to pick a fight, Ice Freak?” Natsu growled, his face pressed up agains the one hole in he and Lucy’s fort.

    “You bet I am you pyro!”

                                                3rd Person POV            

     “Well, since you’re so keen on fighting…” Natsu glared out darkly.

     “No, Natsu, not while we’re in the fort!” Lucy shrieked as flames erupted from his hands.

   “Oh, you know I am!” Gray smirked, beginning to use his own Maker Magic.

   “J-Juvia thinks this isn’t such a good idea!” Juvia stammered.

    “Why can’t we just make forts?” Lucy sighed in a defeated tone as she and Juvia watched the boys about to destroy the Guild’s lounge.

    “FIRE DRAGON’S-” Natsu howled, his hands raising to his mouth.

     “ICE MAKE-” Gray screamed across from Natsu.  


    “LANCE!”  Fragments of ice were sent flying everywhere as fire met them.  Burning pillows and blankets burst out over the lounge while others lay frozen in place.  Juvia and Lucy some how scrambled out of the way and were huddled in the corner.

     “Juvia thinks they over did it….”

     “Lucy thinks that too….” Lucy answered back with a sigh and a roll of her eyes.  Gray and Natsu were now tussling on the ground not really doing much but punching each other’s back.

     “Damn it!  How many times do I need to tell you morons to take it outside!” Makarov fumed as he stumbled upon the mess of the lounge.  “We just fixed all of this from the last time!”  Gray and Natsu were too busy beating each other to notice.

    “Why, why are they not normal people.  I should have known not to agree to build a fort.” Lucy just shook her head once more.

     “Yes, Gray-sama may have been a little hasty…” Juvia admitted.

     “Boys!” Mira giggled cheerfully from the bar as Natsu and Gray slammed into tables and chairs causing more destruction.

I hope you like it!  This was kind of rushed!  I think I actually might rewrite this into something longer :) Thanks for the request!                                    

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Oh sorry, well...have you done a Nalu for 20 yet? I think that would be really cute! :)

Send Me A Pairing And A Number(s)

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20. “You need to wake up because I can’t do this without you.”

“Lucy,” Natsu whispered, staring down at her unconscious face, “Lucy hey it’s time to wake up.”

He bit his bottom lip, “We beat him Lucy, we beat Zeref. Now we have to go back home and celebrate.”

She didn’t stir, face pale, bruised, and scratched, like cracked porcelain on a beautiful doll.  

“Come on Lucy, the adventure continues,” he whispered, tears falling down his face.

Placing a hand against her oddly cold skin, he felt the cold pierce him to the bone. 

“END is gone, you don’t have to be scared of him anymore.”

He pushed aside her bangs, letting him look at her closed eyes.

“Lucy you need to wake up, I can’t do this without you.”

Plugging her nose, and tilting her head back, he leaned down gently pressing his lips against hers. Trying to force the air into her lungs for a while before he pulled away, resting his head against her forehead. 

His tears fell on her face before he whispered,

“I love you Lucy, please wake up.”

But love isn’t strong enough to bring someone back to life.

No matter how much you wish it was…

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Nalu with 4 cuz I'm trash B)

NaLu #4? <3 comewhatanime

#4 “Do you…well…I mean…I could give you a massage?”

Natsu blinks at her, confusion on his face before the look melts into a smirk. “I’m sorry, Lucy. Could you repeat that?” She knows that he’s teasing, but decides to humor him–rather begrudgingly. 

Lucy crosses her arms over her chest, resting her weight on her right leg. “I said, ‘do you,’ ” she coughs, suddenly embarrassed. “Well, I mean,” she trails off briefly. “I could give you a massage? If you want.” Her gaze drops to the floor, face flaring as he stands, crossing the distance between them.

He leans into her, forearms braced against the wall as he cages her in. Her eyes flicker up to his and he grins down at her. “You just want me to take my shirt of, don’t you?” he jokes, bumping his nose against hers. Lucy rolls her eyes and slips her arms around his neck, a giggle bursting from her as Natsu nuzzles her cheek, blowing a loud raspberry against her skin.

His hands drop to her waist, fingers tickling her sides, and Lucy shrieks, trying to squirm away from his hands. Natsu laughs with her, lifting her up by the hips. Lucy’s legs wrap around his waist and she kisses him quickly.

“Well?” he asks, tugging lightly on a strand of her hair.

“Well, what?” Lucy replies, head tilting to one side. Her fingers slip into his hair, smoothing through the snarls there.

Natsu smiles gently, pressing a soft kiss to her chin. “You just want me with my shirt off.”

She laughs. “You caught me,” she jokes. “I’m just trying to get you naked.” Natsu quirks a brow at that, a crooked smile on his face.

“Well, all you had to do was ask.” One hand leaves her back, going to the clasp of his pants and Lucy smacks his shoulder playfully.

Suddenly, there’s a loud bang from the wall behind them, causing Natsu to stumbling back and Lucy to cling to him tighter.

“Could you guys cool it?” A muffled voice shouts. “The walls here are thin and I don’t want to listen to you two having sex!”

Natsu growls under his breath. “Then don’t listen, you damn stripper!” he snaps back. Lucy laughs lightly, pressing her lips to his cheek as he begins to argue with Gray.