I just read some spoilers for Fairy Tail 418… I’m not sure if they’re legit but I decided that I should share… and if they’re true then it means that:
  • After the one year time skip Lucy works for Sorcerer Magazine and is reporting on the Grand Magic Games
  • Natsu enters the GMG and they meet again. 



    report to me

    Spoilers for FT 418!!!
    I whipped this up really quickly, I hope it will satisfy your needs!

    "So you know, with all these coool rulechanges, we thought that we might change the whole setup for the games too, you know ‘cause the public loves that kinda stuff, and we decided we’d do some interviews beforehand to get the fans all riled up, you see, because it would be so cool!”

    Natsu didn’t even listen to the blond reporter who was rambling on and on. He was not here for any stupid interviews. He was here to prove his strength.

    They came to a halt in front of a bedraggled door, and Jason pushed it open, shoving him inside almost forcefully.

    "You just wait here for a moment, Dragon Boy - oohh, Dragon Boy, now that’s a cool nickname don’t you think?? - and I’ll send in one of my best girls in a second! Alrighty!"

    With that, he was gone. A little confused, Natsu looked around. It was a small room, sparsely furnished, with two rather uncomfortable looking chairs and a little table at the side. After a moment’s hesitation, he sat down on one of the creaky things. Shame they hadn’t allowed Happy. This was boring.

    Natsu wasn’t sure how long he had waited when, finally, the doorhandle moved. He couldn’t say he was particularly excited for this interview. Not that he had anything against it, either. Maybe he could already scare off some losers that were considering going up against him. He wanted only the best opponents.

    But his train of thought was cut short when the journalist entered.   

    She was delicate, clad in a Heartkreuz shirt that stretched over her generous breasts and revealed her lower stomach; her hair, that was restrained in a high ponytail, swong loosely behind her as she stepped into the room. 

    And she was most definitely Lucy.

    When their eyes met, she froze. And he blinked at her like an idiot.

    Her face slipped for just the tiniest of seconds, but then she clasped her clipboard tighter to her side and approached him slowly.

    When she sat down on the chair opposite of his, her eyes were blazing dangerously, even as her face remained professional.

    Natsu swallowed.

    "So." She forced a nonchalant smile onto her features, but the fire inside her eyes was burning. Her voice was dripping like honey. Too sweet. "Let’s get this started, shall we? What’s your name?"

    He opened his mouth, and for a moment she thought he wouldn’t say anything at all.


    Determinedly, she looked back down at her clipboard, positioning her pen.

    "Lucy. Well that’s a weird name for a boy. You sure it’s not… Luigi, or something? Maybe I misheard?"

    But then his hand was on hers, and he pushed the damned clipboard onto her lap. When Lucy looked up, he was close, not seated on his chair anymore but halfway in the air, and the serious expression in his eyes pulled at her heartstrings.

    "Lucy!" Then, in the blink of an eye, it was replaced with a boyish grin, and before she knew it she was out of her chair and in his arms. "I never thought I’d see you here!!"

    Unable to speak as her air was pushed out of her lungs, Lucy simply let him squeeze her for a second longer.

    "Well." she started, but wasn’t quite sure how to continue. She obviously had not expected to meet him here either. For all she knew, he could still have been scaling mountain tops in faraway countries.

    He pushed her away at arm’s length, the serious look back in his eyes.

    "I wouldn’t have - uh, if I had known. I mean. This is not how I imagined meeting you again."

    "Me neither."

    She inhaled deeply to calm her beating heart. The information was still being processed by her slow brain, but finally, it was settling in:

    Natsu was back. Natsu was here, in front of her, looking as carefree as ever - and even, dare she say it, hotter. He seemed a little rougher, and definitely more buff. His hair was a tangled mess, but somehow still porposefully so.

    It was her Natsu, no matter how she twisted and turned it.

    A small smile appeared on her lips, and he noticed. Relief spread across his face.

    Slowly, she sat back down, harrumphing. He mirrored her movements carefully, still somewhat weary.

    "Just-" he mumbled. "Just don’t think I didn’t want to come see you first. I didn’t know you were here. I thought I’d win these games, and then I’d return to Magnolia. You know, I could have proven to you all how much stronger I am now. To show you I didn’t just leave like nothing. I trained! I’m stronger now, Lucy! I’m strong enough-"

    But he interrupted his rant when she looked back at him, smiling even as tears sat in the corners of her eyes.

    "It’s okay, Natsu. I understand. And hey-" With her left, she waved around the room. "I got myself a new job too, you see. Fancy, huh?"

    Her lips twitched, and suddenly they were both snorting. Maybe there was nothing else to do than laugh it all out. When they calmed down, they both had tears in their eyes - but they were happy tears now, even if they burned.

    With a deep breath, Lucy pulled out her pen once again.

    "Now let’s get this interview started for real, eh? You don’t want to see Jason angry."

    "Keh. If he has a problem with you, he’d be stupid. And my new Fire Dragon’s Kic-"

    "So. First question."

    He tensed up in his seat, attentive to her words.

    "Where the hell have you been for so long?"