Whoaaaa, it really happened! This week on Random Encounters, the Nalfeshnee! These powerful demons are the gatekeepers of the Abyss, responsible for the overseeing and judgement of newly arrived souls. Their corpulent forms are held aloft by relatively puny wings, and they (usually) delight in administering to the wretches in their care. This particular Nalfeshnee, however, is getting bored with administering punishment and is dreaming of crepes.


So I’m currently rereading Death Masks of the Dresden Files and I really love the Knights of the Blackened Denarius. I think they’re an awesome group of villains and I’d love to throw them at some PCs in a d&d campaign. I suppose I’d give the possessor of the various coins the ability to wildshape(using the term loosely) into the specific devil, demon, or monster associated with that coin.