God, what am I going to do, Luke? I’m so, I hate being away from him, I think about him constantly. I was in the middle of a history quiz yesterday and I just totally zoned out on him. Maybe we’re not going to be together for the rest of our lives, but right now I’m in love for the first time and if I look at this tattoo 20 years from now, and it reminds me of how I feel today, I think I’ll be okay with that.


My pride says yeah, that’s it. Just walk away and let Haley deal with the fact that she’s clearly threatened by a sexual relationship. But my heart says ‘just forget about your pride, you idiot. You love this girl. And even if you’re gonna catch pneumonia, your ass is gonna stand out here in the rain until you convince her to forgive you’. So come on, Hales. Meet me halfway here? Why should I? Because I’m sorry. Because I love you. Becase you’re looking really hot standing out here in the rain…