I’m not the most eloquent speaker, so I thought I would borrow a few words from Shakespeare. ‘Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds.’ When life gets hard, when things change, true love remains the same. I look at Nathan and Haley and some how I feel safer. I don’t know if I can explain that, but they give me hope. And, I’m afraid say it out loud because maybe if life finds out it’ll try to beat it out of them and that will be a shame. Because, we all can use a little hope sometimes, you know. That feeling that everything’s going to be okay and that there’s going to be someone there to help make sure of that. So, here’s to Nathan and Haley, and here’s to hope, and here’s to a love that will not alter. -Brooke Davis

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Fangirl Challenge: [3/40] Romantic Relationships » Nathan and Haley

“Stop it. What? Whatever you’re worrying about…just stop. How do you know I’m worried? You didn’t even open your eyes. You think I need to see you with my eyes to know what’s going on with you?”


naley appreciation week  - day three: favorite happy scene
↳ Hi, you’ve reached the Scott’s, um, my wife and I are, uh- Your wife? What do you, like, own me now? Yeah, I do.