Man is like a shell and woman is like a pearl. There is no equality between a shell and a pearl. But a shell without a pearl has no value and a pearl cannot exist without a shell.

~Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Adil Al-Haqqani (ق)


We must not forget our Lord. If we forget our Lord, then instantly we run to the door of complaining. When we remember our Lord, then for every pain that is coming to us from that Lord, He is giving us the patience at the same time.

You know the story of Prophet Ayyub (as) and how much suffering he went through. He had not done anything wrong. Only because Sheytan was saying, “Eh, you are giving everything to this one.”

He was a king and he was a Prophet. He had so many children and so much wealth. And Sheytan said, “Of course, he is a thankful servant to You.”

Allah said, “Go. I give you permission. Take those things away from him slowly. You will still find him a thankful one.”

It’s a long story. You know how much Ayyub (as) went through. If you don’t know then search. You or anybody who is hearing this khutba must search and must understand what kind of pain Ayyub (as) went through. When his body started smelling they couldn’t live in the house and in the town anymore, and his wife took him up to the mountain. She put him in a cave and from time to time she was coming to look after him because no one could stand next to him. The worms started eating his body and he was always thanking our Lord and his Lord Allah (swt).

When the worms were biting him he wasn’t feeling that much pain. He was feeling it but patience was coming with it. One day, one worm fell down from his body. He took that one and he put it back saying, “It is the order from Allah. He is giving this pain to me. This one fell down. Let me just take it and put it on my hand.” He put it back. That worm instantly bit Ayyub (as) and the pain that came to him from that, he had never felt such pain before. He started crying.

Allah said to Ayyub (as), “Oh Ayyub, you did this to yourself. We didn’t do this to you. That one was falling down from your body. You took it and you put it back. That’s why you are suffering from its pain. You weren’t suffering from all the other ones because when We gave you that pain We gave you the patience with it.”

So for whatever our Lord Allah (swt) is giving to us, He is giving the patience for it if we are turning to Him. The only door is the door of Allah (swt) and the only door is the door of thankfulness. And how much should we, as Muslims, be thankful to our Lord that He has created us and He has made us from the nation of Muhammad (asws).

- SahibulSaif Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi Hz