May the 4th Be with you! This SUNDAY SpokeArt will be releasing 3 fine-art  reproductions of 3 watercolor paintings by me- from my series of Watercolor portraits, “Shiny Objects”. The prints will be sold individually and as a matched number set. They will be 12x16, and will be signed and numbered, available for only a limited time. 2 more to be revealed! For more info, you can Subscribe to the Nakatomi Mailing list HERE, or keep your eye on SpokeArt’s site HERE for when they are released! We’ll also announce on TWITTER and stuff. Don’t miss ‘em!


The entirety of my Doctor Who portrait print set! The final four (pictured at the top- Ood, Silence, Doctor 8, Doctor 6), will be given away randomly with our newest MYSTERY TUBE SALE which you can read about HERE!  The tube sale happens on TUESDAY 4/22!

Once this series wraps up, we’ll move onto something new and…SHINY.


THE CROW- Devil’s Night print release by RHYS COOPER!

Rhys Cooper was one of the first artists we contacted when we started our official series of THE CROW prints inspired by James O’barr’s classic independent comic series that itself in turn inspired the 1994 film.

This is truly a case of ‘good things are worth waiting for’ as this print is a MONSTER.

Measuring 12×36, 5-colors with a secret glow layer,  this print is a timed-release with a max numbered edition of 200 including artist copies.

The glow layer will not be revealed on-line.

The sale period will go from NOW, until Midnight 11/1 central time, possibly sooner.

After the sale closes, we will print, pack and ship these- expect them to all be shipped within 2-3 weeks of the end of the sale.

THE CROW is available NOW HERE in the art prints section of the Nakatomi store.

-alex fugazi


Artist Robert Wilson worked closely with The Mountain Goats’ John Darnielle to come up with the imagery for this poster set to promote their recent West Coast tour!  Darnielle is a big comic book fan, and much like The Mountain Goats’ songs, they wanted to tell a story with the prints!

Both prints are 18x24, and are hand-printed by Nakatomi. Featuring florescent pink ink, these prints are signed and numbered by the artist in an edition of 100!  The prints SOLD OUT on tour for the band, and the 25 of each that Nakatomi has for sale are all that’s left! 

Available NOW HERE in the Nakatomi Store.

Nakatomi artist, Tim Doyle, was contacted by The Obama Store to produce a limited edition art print in relation to the Obama 2012 campaign!  The Obama Store is located here in Austin, Texas- inside the Texas Democratic National Committee headquarters. The Obama Store is headed by former Texas State Representative, Glen Maxey- a fierce supporter of several causes near and dear to us here at Nakatomi, including pro-LGBT legislation and children’s health initiatives.  We were very honored to partner with them on this project.

This poster is a special Timed-Release art-print, on sale from NOW until Saturday the 13th at 12am.  At that point, sales for the item will close, and the prints will be printed, and shipped out to those that ordered.

Each 18×24 3-color print will be hand-printed here in Austin, Texas and will be signed and numbered by the artist, Tim Doyle.

Visit The Obama Store HERE NOW to place your order!


Robert again was asked to work closely with THE MOUNTAIN GOATS’ John Darnielle to create two new tour posters for their just wrapped ‘Nameless Dark’ tour. Both prints are 18×24 silkscreens, signed and numbered by Robert in editions of 500 each. Nakatomi and Robert will only have 25 of these for sale, as the other 475 sold out on tour! (Crazy!) 

You can get them HERE.



We were approached by JSBX to help them get a gigposter made, and the amazingly unreal SHAKY KANE stepped up to the hypothetical plate!

This SCREAMINGLY BRIGHT 5-color hand-printed poster is hand-numbered in an edition of 200, and each one comes with a signed ‘CERTIFICATE OF REALITY’ from good ‘ol SHAKY himself!

These prints are available RIGHT NOW in the Gigposters section of the Nakatomi Store RIGHT HERE. Prints are in hand for immediate shipment!


Just in time for Halloween! Garbage Flesh Eaters! Zombies X Garbage Pail Kids!

Omar Hauksson has created this AMAZINGLY gross 5-print set mashing up your favorite Horror Icons with Zombies and Garbage Pail Kids! It’s like a triple threat of bloody, virus infested pop-culture effluvia flying at your eyeballs ALL AT ONCE!

Each one of these 9×12 fine-art archival Giclee prints are hand-numbered in editions of only 50 worldwide!

Every order for a print includes a randomly inserted ‘B’ set trading-card sized sticker that has the traditional ‘Alternate’ names! If you order a full-set of prints, you get the FULL set of 5 B-stickers!

All the prints will be available this TUESDAY 10/15 between 1 and 2pm Central Time. They’ll be available at this LINK HERE.

Individual prints will be $25, and the full set of 5 will be $100- and include the full sticker set.


"Master Stroke"- Tim Doyle’s contribution to the Blunt Graffix 'DRAGON'S FURY' art show, opening this Saturday! Read more about it on their Website HERE.

"Master Stroke" is a 12x24 4-color hand-printed art print, signed and numbered in an edition of 100.  Printed on manilla ‘tag’ paper, for that classic look! Also watch for the ‘BLING DYNASTY’ gold foil paper variant, limited to just 20!

Follow us on twitter- @nakatomitim for updates on when this will hit Blunt Graffix’ webstore!