nakamura takeru


Something VERY Familiar About This…

In addition to the fact that they bear a striking resemblance to a troublesome team or two, their captain seems to also bear a VERY familiar play-style to a certain player’s ‘hero.’


I’d theorized with my sister that it’d be great if Takeru might have practiced with the Small Giant as a kid ((like those elementary school boys who practiced with Hinata at Coach Ukai Sr.’s place)), and that that’s where he’d picked up some of these skills that he now uses on the court.

It’d be a great tie in with Hinata meeting the Small Giant one day, and also gaining a potential fellow-fanboy who is also one of the rare few who look up to his hero.


Although if that is the case, it also means Hinata is facing the closest thing to the Small Giant, and I’m sure that would definitely fire him up even more to play against him.


Are All Captains THIS Crafty?


Pffft! Somehow crafty captain-types like Daichi can sense one of his own kind. In fact it seems like many of the captains ((except ‘maybe’ Bokuto XDDD)) exude a feeling of being sneaky and clever, especially when it comes to pushing all the right buttons on each of their teammates to accelerate them or put the brakes on.

And when they’ve managed to succeed in getting their team to act accordingly to plan, they exchange smirks of triumph that only the other team’s captain can see.

Ah, the ‘friendly’ sparks that fly between competitive, childish men is such fun for us all. ♪