In case you guys haven’t watched it yet/didn’t know it was out, you can watch it here.


While we’re at it, who is everyone’s favorite couple? Personally I love Hatori x Chiaki. Probably because they only get about as much attention as Junjou Terrorist… I always love the lesser known couple <3. I love Hatori’s boundless love and care for Chiaki. Even though Chiaki kinda sees his love for Hatori as more of a brotherly thing, I still think deep down he loves Hatori romantically too. It’s just so… kya!~

So I’m guessing the majority of you like the second couple, Yukina x Kisa, because Yukina is pretty much the tad-bit-more-stubborn version of Nowaki, and Kisa is a slut gone head-over-heels in love with one guy (herpderp, a more openly loving version of Hiroki). Personally, I think they’re running a close third behind Takano x Onodera. Usually I hate the main couple, but this time around, I’m really liking that Onodera and Takano are actually (slowly but surely) moving along in their relationship. This is so unlike Romantica, which focuses on Misaki being kind of a asshole and denying his feelings even though he has already confessed openly to his lover. I don’t know, their relationship is just so unbearably stagnant to me.

So, who’s your favorite? The Romantica equivalent, Takano x Onodera, the Egoist equivalent, Yukina x Kisa, or the Terrorist equivalent, Hatori x Chiaki?