Headcanon: Jinbei likes poetry and is particularly fond of odes and haiku. Once he joins the Strawhats, he connects with Robin fairly quickly because she’s one of the more serious/quiet members of the crew like he is, and is the only one who appreciates a good, thought-provoking poem. Robin likes to ask him about the history of merpeople and he tries the best he can to fill in the gaps left in merhistory by biased human historians. (He’s no history buff, but he served as a soldier for King Neptune and as Shichibukai, so he has some background in politics between humans and merpeople.)

Chopper: Ano… Sanji? 

Sanji: Hm?

Chopper: Uh… I was just wondering… your new technique, skywalk… is that fun?

Sanji: Wanna find out?

"... and count to ten"

Rayleigh had been on this island training Luffy in using his Haki for three months. Right now, he was on guard, like he always was. Watching the flames flicker in their small campfire as Luffy snored besides him.

Today Luffy had managed to take down a gigantic tiger, and despite the achievement, Rayleigh noticed a shift in Luffy’s determination. Staring distantly at the tiger as it fell. The old man didn’t ask, he didn’t have to, Luffy was already confirming his suspicious through mutters in his sleep.

“A…Ace…” Luffy half groaned, his expression pained and teeth grit. Rayleigh watched in silence as the same dream began hunting the young boy, he rubbed at his temple, no doubt visions of war and death were haunting Luffy. 

“ACE!” Luffy jolted awake, hand outstretched and tears flowing down his horrified face as he stared into the starry sky. The young boy started shaking, voice cracking in a horribly heartbreaking way as choked screams of pain threatened to pour out.

“Luffy-kun-" Rayleigh, said as firmly as he could, glaring into the fire determinedly. Luffy sat up, looking to the older man for guidance with his face contorted with tears and pain.

"Take a deep breath and count to ten." 

Luffy sniffled and nodded. Sitting back and taking a deep breath before he closed his eyes and began. 











Luffy’s breath was calmer now, tears were drying on his cheeks and his hands weren’t shaking anymore. Not a word was spoken between them as the boy settled back into sleep. Small wistful smile on his tear streaked face.

“I wanna see them.”