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[text] Please? I love you.

[text:Nick]: Fine, fine. I love you too.
[text]:Nick]: I’ll be home soon, okay?
[text]:Nick]: …There’s like five different brands. What the hell is the difference between super maxi and overnight maxi?? 
[text:Nick]: I am so out of my element right now.

How the OTPs are probably spending Valentine’s Day: 

Tristan and Rose - Rose probably bought Tristan a gift and he neglected to get her one. They have fight that begins with some plates and books being thrown and ends with passionate hate sex. 
Freya and Atticus - Freya begs Atticus to take her dancing and he can’t exactly resist, so that’s what they do. It ends with her coecering him to stay the night, even if it’s just sleeping in bed with her. 
Esme and Julian - They’re most likely spending the day with Lila and celebrating as a family. Except, later on, it might be the first time they say ‘I love you’ to each other after a year. 
Daisy and Nick - Any and everything that allows them to be domestic and mushy. They take advantage of the opportunity, despite the fact they’re constantly mushy all the time. The night most definitely will end in sex. 
Samantha and Dex - Samantha convinces Dex to celebrate Anti-Valentine’s Day with her. She ends up dragging him to see Fifty Shades of Grey, much to his dismay.

Siis oled sa puupeadega koos olnud. Naisi tuleb jumaldada või nad maha jätta. Vahepealset võimalust ei ole.
—  Triumfikaar, Erich Maria Remarque

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If you could live in any country, in any time period, when and where would you live?

UK in the 70s? maybe haha

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1D ship: Niall
shipname: Naisy

5sos ship: Michael
shipname: Maisy

cute thing you do: massage sessions
his nickname for you: pixie
what he loves about you: your smile
where he loves to kiss you: thighs

kids names: Ivan & Wendy
pet you get: an octopus
where you’ll live: NYC

a tiny compliment: ilyyy, you’re the cutest and so pretty
a vague prediction of what you will dream about tonight: you’re in a video game and if you die in the game you die in real life woahaohaoh what

Sest kui ei saa meilt armuiha, siis otsivad nad teist liha.

Miks te vallalised tahate mehi? 

Nad vaid armastavad jalgpalli ja paljaid kehi. 

Nad löövad vahetpidamata noaga selga, 

hoiavad alalõpmata oimukohas relva. 

Neid ei huvita me soovid, 

ükskõik, kui palju proovid, 

nad eilas ei kuula.

Pea muudab suunda, 

mil rääkida katsud,

 temal jalg vaid tatsub.

Mõtleb peas, 

kunas läbi saab korranõudlusmoraal.

Saate aru, nad tahtlikult ei kuule, 

sõnu ei loe nutvatelt huultelt.

Nad on vait ja nad ei vasta,

on kurttummad ning ei vaata otsa.

Ei rahusta rasvane kõrvakiil,

meid siiski tapab hingepiin.

Me ootame neilt armastust, 

suudlusi ning usaldust.

Argpüksidel löövad põlvist nõrgaks -

tunded on neil liiga mõrkjad.

Sest kui ei saa meilt armuiha,

siis otsivad nad teist liha.

Miks kurat tahavad mehed naisi? 

Tahavad nad armastust või hoopis reisi?

naisy’s daughter is getting so big like she used to be just a little bean that slept on his shoulder now she’s a toddler

kelliotony asked:

"Take me home!"

Looking up to see both Daisy and Lucy pouting at him, he groaned and shook his head. “Are you seriously going to pull a pout? What are you, five?” he asked Lucy as he pulled her up and into his arms. He glared at her until she buried her face against his cheek. Turning to Daisy, he sighed. “You two really love ganging up on me. I thought we were having fun…” They’d been at the book fair for hours, now. Both his fianceé and daughter liked books just as much as he did, and knew what literature nut he was, but enough was enough, and Nick knew he was fighting a losing battle. “Fine. You’re so lucky I hate when you give me that stupid dumb face…” Crinkling his nose, he swooped down and placed a kiss on Daisy’s forehead, reaching for her hand simultaneously. “One day, I’ll manage to say no to you two…” He didn’t say it so convincingly— he knew there was a very slim chance.

preciouscupcakemontgomery asked:

"Why don’t you love me anymore?"

Daisy knew she’d been absent for the past few weeks, but she hadn’t seen how her behavior was affecting those around her – not until she saw the look marring Nick’s face. It broke her heart; something she didn’t think possible since their loss of the baby. All the nights she spent staring out the window came back to her. On those nights, she left Nick alone in their bed. She hadn’t read a bedtime story to Lucy in days. A part of her wanted to question why he would think she didn’t love him anymore, but she knew the answer. When Nick told her he loved her, she barely returned the sentiment. When he tried to touch her, she shirked away. 

With shaky hands, Daisy cupped her husband’s cheeks. She’s forgotten what he skin felt like underneath her fingertips; electricity sparked, despite their recent struggles. “I love you, Nick,” she murmured. “God, I love you. I don’t blame you for thinking otherwise, but…a day hasn’t gone by when I haven’t been in love with you.”

Uue aja nähtuste hulka võib arvata tweetimise ja twerkimise.
Tänasel kleidikandmispäeval on paslik samasse nimistusse lisada seni teenimatult vähe tähelepanu pälvinud twirlimise, mis lisaks silmailule on ka väga meeliülendav tegevus. Siinkohal on twekimise ristiema Miley Cyrus lootusetult hiljaks jäänud, sest üks teine kena ameerika lauljanna on twirlimise juba pea oma firmamärgiks teinud. Tänane ilm on twirlimiseks suisa loodud, nii et õue ja mis muud, kui pöörlema…ja noormehed olge siis valmis oma naisi galantselt käte vahele püüdma, kui twirlimine pea ringi paneb käima (nii teil kui temal).

Pühendusega kõigile naiselikele naistele…. 

Endine muusikaõpetaja Tree Hillis tagasi

Alles hiljuti ringlesid kuulujutud, nagu ootaks Tree Hilli keskkooli endine muusikaõpetaja Sasha Ian Jeffersonilt last, aga nüüd olen neile faktidele ka kinnitust leidnud. Nimelt ilmus naine mõned päevad tagasi meie väikelinna, et kohe ka mehe ukse taha minna. Hiljem, kui Ian ja Sasha koos väljas einestamas olid, näis korvpallur kuidagi väga murelik ja mõtlik, mis annab alust arvata, et kuuldused ukrainlanna rasedusest vastavadki tõele. Vanimat Jeffersoni isana ette kujutada on muidugi keeruline, aga võib-olla suudab ta meid kõiki veel üllatada… Oma teisi silmarõõme ei ole mees muidugi endiselt tähelepanuta jätnud, kuigi kohtumisel Noraga talle ausalt tunnistas, et varsti isaks saab. Sasha on väidetavalt muidugi Iani juurde elama asunud, seega oma teisi naisi ta sinna enam viia ei saa…