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talk about ziall moving into a new place and they want to make it feel homely but they're on a budget and they've never had to furnish a place before and all they have is like half a dozen candles harry got them as a home warming gift.

I mean…Niall and Zayn are both particular about their space, but in very different ways? Can you imagine, the two of them moving in together for the first time? That careful negotiation of boundaries and levels of tolerance? They’re both tidy in their own ways, it’s just that Zayn is like whirlwind. Like spilled ink. Scattered and omnipresent but artful. Niall is more particular. He’s clean and spare and minimal. 

Can you imagine them wandering around IKEA? Niall is drawn to furniture with simple angles in muted colors and he’s biting at his nails trying to imagine how everything will fit together in the space they’ve got to share. It’s not just his anymore, he understands that, but he’s got to live in it. And every time he turns around, Zayn is admiring a set of drapes with technicolor paint splatters or a wall clock that’s a garish orange or holding a purple velvet pillow up to a couch that’s striped mint and white, smiling.

“This would look sick, Ni.”

And Niall starts to sweat, right there in the store because what the hell are they doing? Who has he yoked himself to? Who is this mint and purple couch person? He’s cut the sleeves off his shirt and he’s covered in tattoos and Niall thinks sometimes that they’re from different planets. That there’s no way they could ever really understand each other. 

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3d Nail Art - Mystical Mermaid

Colors used:

  • Color Club - Metamorphosis
  • Wet n Wild Chrome - Stay Outta My Bismuth
  • KleanColor - Mystic Grass
  • KleanColor - White (for the stamping)
  • Seche Vite Top Coat

Image Plate:

  • Pueen Plate 15

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Ask me again why this pairing irritates me so much?


Water Spotted Turquoise Nails: How To

This technique is related to water marbling, so if you wanna try it but you’re totally lost, look up “water marbled nails” and “water spotted nails” on YouTube.

This is much quicker and easier than it looks!


  • Black, gold and turquoise/blue nail polish
  • Base coat
  • Top coat
  • A disposable plastic cup
  • A jug of water
  • A bucket
  • A roll of sticky tape
  • Tooth-picks or skewers
  • Pure alcohol in a spray bottle (I used isopropyl. I’ve heard that perfume also works well)
  • Acetone and an eyeliner brush to clean up


  • Apply base coat and turquoise nail polish.
  • Add some gold flecks using the brush that comes in the bottle.
  • Allow to dry.
  • Fill the cup with water almost to the top.
  • Get your sticky tape and cover the end of your finger to at least the first knuckle, leaving the nail showing.
  • Take the black polish and drip 3 - 4 drops onto the surface of the water, holding the brush quite close to the surface so that the drops don’t sink. The black polish should spread out to almost cover the surface of the water.
  • Take your spray alcohol and spray it once or twice into the cup. The droplets of alcohol will hit the black polish and repel it, creating holes.
  • Dip your taped finger into the water, nail-face first.
  • Without removing your dipped finger, take the skewer or similar and use it to collect up all of the excess polish still sitting on top of the water (you might have to wait for it to set; it only takes a few seconds).
  • Take your finger from the water and remove the tape. I find the tape removal to be easiest when I use tweezers.
  • After you’ve done a couple of fingers, the polish will stop spreading because of the alcohol in the water. Dump the water into the bucket and pour a fresh cup from the jug.
  • Once you’ve done all your fingers, use acetone and a brush (or whatever you find easiest) to remove all of the excess black from your fingers and cuticles.
  • Add topcoat.


  1. I got this idea from Spektor’s Nails.
  2. If you have some skin staining, I find that a short soak in a bicarb soda solution makes it easy to rub off.
  3. The turquoise is a “frankenpolish” that I mixed up myself.

More original nail art.


luke with dogs/puppies appreciation vine 


HOW TO: Ruffian nails with studs.

Polishes Used

  • Base Coat - NFU Oh Aqua Base
  • Silver - SH Xtreme Wear Celeb City
  • Purple - Zoya Jem
  • Rainbow Shimmer - Max Factor Fantasy Fire
  • Top Coat - Seche Vite


  1. Paint the nails silver.
  2. Add one coat of Seche Vite. This layer of topcoat makes it easier to fix any mistakes.
  3. Paint the nails purple, leaving the silver showing around the edge near the cuticle.
  4. Once the purple is dry, fix up any mistakes with silver polish and a thin brush.
  5. Add a coat of Fantasy Fire over the purple.
  6. Use tweezers to place a row of studs up the middle of the nail. Stick them straight onto the wet polish.
  7. Add topcoat.

More original nail art.

There are things I want to tell you. 
Like how I’ve stopped biting my nails. 
Like how every time I breathe
it feels like I’m exhaling you out of me. 
So I hold my breath
to keep you in.
And it hurts to not breathe.
And it hurts to lose the you in me.
I have decided to grow my hair out,
I’ve stopped drinking coffee,
and the nightmares don’t come as often anymore.
My mother is ecstatic about 
all those three things.
I have turned loving you
into a bad habit I’m trying to break
because it’s easier that way.
There are things I want to tell you.
Like how I go to new places
and see you engraved everwhere.
—  A.Y. // there are things i want to tell you

Goal for spring: Nail the pretty-in-pink mani.

Get the look:

1) Paint entire nail with COVERGIRL Outlast Nail Gloss in DaisyBloom #30.

2) Add some polka dots using COVERGIRL Outlast Nail Gloss in Totally Tulip #35.

3) Draw your petals with COVERGIRL Outlast Nail Gloss in Petal Power #40.

4) Add the flower’s center with a touch of COVERGIRL Outlast Nail Gloss in Mint Mojito #285.

How’s that for flower power?