Last night, I made Egusi soup & Eba. It was the first time of my life that I made Egusi, which is one of my favorite soups—somehow I just never thought I was a good enough cook or a true enough Nigerian to make this soup, one that my mom made so perfectly so many times. Even without knowing it, I told myself that there are some Naija dishes just too authentic for me to create. I forgot that my hands and tastebuds hold the memories of how to season & taste until it’s just right. I did a good job—this tastes like home. The biggest myths I have to bust wide open are the ones inside me, the ones that have me think I can’t or don’t know how to or am not good enough. This may be the most important dish I have ever made b/c of what it means to me. Kids of immigrants, RISE UP. You have always been, are & will always be more than enough. This was a midnight homage to my mum & her amazing recipes. I love you more than language could ever contain. Love, Yvonne #kitchenpoems #egusi #eba #NaijaDykeInCaliChronicles #Naija #Nigeria