[MYTHOLOGY MEME1 Epic - The Epic of Gilgamesh

One of the oldest stories on earth, the Mesopotamian Epic of Gilgamesh was recorded in Akkadian onto eleven tablets sometime before 612 B.C.

The story centers on a friendship between Gilgamesh and Enkidu. Enkidu is a wild man created by the gods as Gilgamesh’s equal to distract him from oppressing the people of Uruk. Together, they journey to the Cedar Mountain to defeat Humbaba, its monstrous guardian. Later they kill the Bull of Heaven, which the goddess Ishtar sends to punish Gilgamesh for spurning her advances. As a punishment for these actions, the gods sentenced Enkidu to death.

The second half of the epic focuses on Gilgamesh’s distress at Enkidu’s death, and his quest for immortality. In order to learn the secret of eternal life, Gilgamesh undertakes a long and perilous journey. He learns that “Life, which you look for, you will never find. For when the gods created man, they let death be his share, and life withheld in their own hands”. [x]

Last Friday night was the opening of a great new exhibition called Nahrain at Casula Powerhouse Arts Center.

The exhibition Nahrain features amazing artwork from Brooke Andrew, Seif Almurayati, Abbas Makrab, Tom Nicholson and others interesting artists. Nahrain means two rivers meeting in Arabic and refers to the Fertile Crescent of Iraq that lies between the Tigris and the Euphrate. I think you should check it out as some works are really powerful and striking. I loved the paintings from Seif, but also the photographs from Tom Nicholson.

Here’s the link

When she augustly appears, no one can keep pace with her, glowing in the night, with awe-inspiring splendour. The great gods are filled with fear at her. Her utterances are as grand as those of An, and as weighty as those of Enlil. Inanna is supreme, with multifarious divine powers surpassing the other divine ladies. 

Arab Saudi Hapus Israel dari Daftar Musuh

Arab Saudi Hapus Israel dari Daftar Musuh

Jeddah – Kerajaan Arab Saudi dilaporkan menghapus rezin Zionis Israel dari daftar negara-negara yang menjadi musuh Negeri Petrodolar tersebut.

Situs berita Nahrain Net mengungkap kebijakan rezim Al Saud yang menghapus nama Israel dari daftar negara-negara musuh Saudi. Fars News, Selasa (9/10), melaporkan, selain menghapus Zionis Israel dari daftar musuh, Departemen Informasi Saudi memerintahkan…

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