So I did a thing. I bought this Illustration book:


And it comes with a CD, and after installing it on your computer this happens:


And you can kinda just hold them in the air, and they talk to you:


"One mackerel, two mackerel…"

And if you put them near each other, they’ll talk to each other too:


"I want to swim."

"Haru, I told you you can’t strip here!"

And they just kinda…troll around:


What have I done

For Free! Week Day 7 - For The Future

Nagisa made the boys friendship bracelets so that no matter where they go, they’ll always have each other. 

1.Love Like This - Kodaline // 2. Long Way Home - 5 Seconds of Summer // 3. Life is a Song - Patrick Park // 4. More Than A Band - Lemonade Mouth Cast // 5. Here’s To The Night - Eve 6 //  6. Rivers and Roads - The Head And The Heart // 7. Laughter Lines - Bastille // 8. Illusion - One Direction // 9. How Long Will I Love You - Ellie Goulding // 10. Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol // 11. God Only Knows - Matt Mcandrew // 12. Somewhere Only We Know - Keane // 13. The Luckiest - Ben Folds // 14. A —> B - Matt Hires // 15. Home - Phillip Phillips // 16. Always Gold - Radical Face // 17. The Call - Regina Spektor // 18. Life Is Beautiful - Vega4 // 19. One Day - Kodaline // 20. Gold In Them Hills - Ron Sexsmith


anonymous asked:

Yay, you're taking requests! Both teams + Seijuurou at the doctor, secretly being terrified of needles and having to get a shot? And how their s/o would comfort them in the process? Your blog is love. <3 Said it before but it makes my day every day.

Wahhh thank you, you’re too kind! And thank you for your request as well!

Haruka: He wasn’t used to going to the hospital, he never got sick and if he did he’d take care of it himself. But the second he just couldn’t shake his cold, he was dragged to the hospital and plopped down on an examination table. His lack of experience put him on edge. “So… what will they do to me?” His partner who was sitting with him tapped on their chin, “Maybe give you a vaccine or a prescription. It depends how serious it is.” His eyes widened slightly, “Vaccination?” His partner nodded, oblivious to his internal panic, “Yeah, they’ll just prick you with a needle. Have you never gotten a shot before?” He shook his head, “Not that I can remember.” His downcast eyes and shaky hands let his partner know he wasn’t doing all right. They put their hand on top of his and gave him a warm smile, “You know I’ll be here the entire time. And you never know, you might not have to get one!” Their assurance helped him stop shaking and allowed him to breath normally. He figured he’d better put on a brave face and make sure he didn’t worry them.

Makoto: He was always a frightened kitten, but the hospital was a whole other story. He was terrified of vaccinations. They hurt and his arm always ached afterwards and he just couldn’t stand the anxiety leading up the actual shot itself. But he knew he’d have to get one for his own health. His partner went with him and held his hand the entire time. They were always smiling and telling him it’d be over within a second. And he’d try his best to suck up his overwhelming emotions and remain stoic for them. He tried his best and even resisted the temptation to cry when the needle stuck into him. When they got out of the hospital though, he let the tears fall. His partner clung onto his ‘good’ arm, “It’s okay, it’s all over now! So let’s go back home and take a nap!” He figured a nap would be good, especially if he got to cuddle with his partner. He was forgetting about his aching arm already.

Nagisa: “I didn’t think I’d have to get a blood test!” Nagisa bit his lip, trying to smile but failing miserably. He was scared, no doubt, and the way he tried to hide it was quite adorable. Nagisa eventually broke down and shoved his face into his partner’s shoulder. “I can’t do this, I can’t do this!” He rubbed his face on their shirt to help hide his watery eyes. They petted his hair and remained calm, “Yes, you can. It won’t last long. And it’s for your own good! Plus, you won’t be alone. I’ll be here. You can even hold my hand if you want!” He wiped his eyes on the back of his hand, “I can?” He took their hand in both of his and gave it a squeeze. “Thank you… for being here for me.” When the nurse came in, he visibly panicked but kept clinging onto his partner’s hand while the nurse prepared to take his blood. Nagisa nervously talked to his partner about the weather, a movie he had seen, and a funny story about Rei falling flat on his face… anything to help get his mind off of the shot. And it worked. It was over before he knew it. “Thank you,” He kissed his partner’s cheek when they left the hospital. He was truly happy to have them around.

Rei: Needles made his skin crawl. The fact that it’d pierce his beautifully flawless skin and take his very own lifeblood. Yeah, the thoughts made him shiver. His partner noticed, as they always did. They could read him quite easily and knew he wasn’t comfortable with needles. However, they knew a simple flu shot would save him from a week of illness during the winter. Rei knew it too; he just wasn’t too thrilled about the actual vaccination process. When the nurse came in with the needle on the tray, Rei stiffened and his partner put a hand on his thigh. Their touch and support sent a wave of determination through him and he stuck out his arm to the nurse, hoping it would all get over quickly. And luckily, it did. They were able to walk out and Rei grinned, “That wasn’t too bad!” His partner smirked, knowing he had been terrified but let him feel victorious anyway.

Rin: “I’m not sick,” He tried to convince his partner as he sat on the examination table. He was sick but he wanted to get the hell out of there before they started bringing in the needles. He didn’t want them to see how… afraid he was. Shameful of his fear, he turned away from his partner and blushed. They knew he was afraid, they could tell ever since they got in the car and he started to protest his illness that he had been complaining about minutes before. Instead of crushing his ego, they decided to play it cool and rest their hand on his knee for subtle comfort. When the nurse came in with paperwork for a prescription, they sensed complete relief from Rin. He escaped the asperities of the syringe. He was thankful to have his partner with him, even if he didn’t have to get a vaccination. He couldn’t help but notice their hand on his knee and their warm smile. 

Sousuke: While nothing seemed to shake him, he was clearly uncomfortable in the examination room. His partner relished in the sight of a timid Sousuke, amazed that someone who was always so strong and serene could look so adorable when he bit his lip and fidgeted like a little kid. Instead of letting him suffer, his partner figured it’d be humane to give him a little assurance. They put a hand on his thigh and smiled up to him, “Hey, Sou, it’s all right. They just need to do a little blood work to make sure you’ll be okay.” He gave them a tight smile and looked back at the door, anticipating the nurse to come in with her syringe at any second. He stiffened at the sound of every footstep that passed by. His partner decided to get a little drastic. They stood up and gave him a soft kiss on the cheek. “Sou, it’ll be okay. I promise.” The kiss reddened his face and took his mind off of the needles completely. When it was finally time to have his blood drawn, he was so fired up by the little kiss that he was able to put on a brave face and expect more kisses afterwards for being so courageous.

Aiichiro: There was no hiding his watery eyes and shaky hands. “D-do you think they’ll have to… use a n-n-eedle?” He asked his partner with a quivering voice. They gave him a grin and tried to remain calm and supportive, “I don’t know, Aii, but if they do I’ll be right here! You can hold my hand and we can have a chat the entire time… you won’t even notice it happening!” He did his best to give them a smile but simply couldn’t take his mind off of his worries. Needles hurt and he couldn’t just ignore that. The nurse came in and sure enough she had a tray with a syringe on it. She explained the shot would just be for preventative care and it’d only last a second. Aiichiro looked to his partner in a panic but their tranquility caught his attention. They took his hand and kissed his knuckles. He was so entranced, he didn’t realize what was happening outside their little bubble until the nurse piped up, “We’re all done here!” He was shocked and infatuated with his partner, all at the same time.

Momotarou: His body was buzzing with anxiety and fear. He couldn’t sit still, he asked far too many questions for normality, and his laughter was completely unnatural. When he nurse left the room to grab some supplies for the blood test, he sighed and held his face in his hands. “I’m not ready for this. Do you think they’d notice if we slipped out? I think if we go quickly…” His partner cut him off before he got any more ideas, “No, you have to get this blood test, Momo! You’re in it for the long haul now!” They stood up next to him and petted his hair, “I know you’re scared, but I just want you to be healthy…” His partner’s sweet words sent his face flushing and his mouth running, “I-I’m not scared! I’m just not in the mood! But now I am! So… let’s just get this over with!” His partner laughed at his sudden wave of embarrassment. After the blood test they’d be sure to reward him with kisses and cuddles.

Seijuro: Nothing struck fear into his strong, ironclad heart. Well, unless he was on an examination table waiting for the nurse to bring in a big, threatening syringe. But he made sure to hide his inner struggles from his partner who insisted on joining him during his appointment. Why had he let them come? Because they were too damned cute, that’s why. And now he had to show them his ultimate weakness. His partner, on the other hand, knew about his fears. They could read him like a shoujo manga. The sweat on his brow, his tight grip on the edge of the table… he gave it all away. They placed a hand on his forearm and pressed their lips against his bicep. “Seijuro, don’t be nervous. Once we’re done here, we can go home and relax a bit.” While the nurse came in and prepared him for the shot, all he could think about were his partner’s lips on his arm and what exactly they hand planned for afterwards. 


Here’s a more derpy version of



Literally one of the funniest Free! videos/parodies I’ve ever seen!!  It needs to be shared with the entire Free! fandom immediately. 

Nagisa’s laugh, Haru’s voice, Makoto and Nagisa singing to Gou, and then to each other…everything about this is perfection <3

Made by dotvb


Each day one of the boys will be highlighted on the “Countdown”…and on Saturday, the FULL COLOR will be revealed! :D

Free! Voyage of the Magic Six - Book 5: Heroes of the Gods

*Saturday Nov 29, 2014 - PROLOGUE PREMIERE!

My Illustration class Project OVO

[ Under the Sea Theme Park ]

snuck in some of my favorite characters hohoho


FREE!: haru / makoto / rei / nagisa / rin -police shark lol-

Hunter x Hunter: killua / gon /kite