Avatar Questions!
  • ☛:Look to your left! The first thing you see is what you are able to bend now. What is it?
  • ✿:Your top 5 characters?
  • ✦:Would you rather live during Aang’s or Korra’s timeline?
  • ✗:How would you kill sombody if you were a bender?
  • ☁:What’s the best Book ever?
  • ♬:Favourite soundtrack/song?
  • ✔:Best fight scene?
  • ♥:Your best avatar pick up line?
  • ☠:Who do you want to see dead?
  • ☺:Think of your fave anime character. What element would they bend?
  • ☮:Who would you like to see in book 4 again?
  • ☆:Who would you fuck kiss?
  • ☹:Who is somebody you can’t stand?
  • ✆:How would it be if Korra had internet?
  • ஜ:ATLA or LOK? Trick question both is awesome
  • ✉:Write a few kind words for Bryke!
  • ☯:Would you like to be a spirit?
FMA / ATLA Crossover

I saw someone mention how Zuko and Mustang would probably get along with each other and… I kind of got carried away haha

I guess this isn’t exactly a reversal of skills/roles, but I just thought these guys would all be pretty cool friends and have a lot in common!! I kind of wanted to draw zuko with everyone haha, like with Scar since the two of them are both anti-heroes involved in the war with scarred faces, and with Ling because they are both young princes who travel from a foreign land in search of something that will help them gain their father’s approval… 

either way though I really enjoyed drawing this a lot, I hope you guys like it!! I wanted to include Ed somehow so here’s an extra lame doodle that I never ended up finishing:

Watch on onceanavatar.tumblr.com

Lol so I uploaded it to YouTube if anyone wants to watch it on there.

This song has been done many times so I don’t think my video will get as much views as others but that’s okay. As I said before, this video is about Aang’s journey of learning the last 3 elements with Katara, Toph and Zuko, training to defeat the Fire Lord and developing from the “boy in the iceberg” to “Avatar Aang”.

Song: I’ll Make A Man Out Of You”

Hope you guys enjoy!