People come and go but i am lucky and blessed to have friends who were there through good and bad times. Our different lives may have/will lead us to our separate paths but that doesn’t mean we will forget each other…friends move on but they will always remain in each other’s hearts–forever. #friendsforlife #nagemote #emolang

Whatta day.

Hapit na kaayu na sakpan kaganiha. After the incident, wla na kmi or anything. Sge lng ako tingin sa kanya. Ambut ra sa iyaha kung ni.tanaw pud sya.

Sana rin, di nya ‘to makita.

The rest of the day was spent with my friends. Friends I didn’t expect to go with. I ended up being happy at the end of the day but got BV as I got home. Pumasok nanaman sya sa isip ko.

PINK NAILS! Hehe *bow*