when we graduate can we give Naff a CD with all the songs he over uses in shows? Here’s what I got:

The Naffziger Playlist
Eet - Regina Spektor
The Cave - Mumford and Sons
Where Is My Mind - Pixies
I Might Be Wrong - Radiohead
I Walk The Line - Johnny Cash
Mad World - Gary Jules


Hey everyone! 

I’ve started a daily monster design blog that you all should follow. Eggs are “discovered” one day, and the next night they hatch! See what precious critters are on their way today on my side-blog, Help! I Found Something.

The project has really taken off and I’m taking submissions. All you gotta do is draw five eggs and the five hatchlings. Email me at lisa.naffziger@yahoo.com with your JPGs and tumblr/site URL and you’ll be featured!

Also, for my SCAD classmates! Make sure to swing by the Mini Comics Meet-up next Saturday, March 1st. Check out everyone’s awesome stuff and snag yourself some stickers.



Originally meant to be some therapeutic journaling but I doodled a whole lot instead.

Finding myself in a lot of situations like this lately. Seeing a lot of damage done to relationships in my life by passive-agressive posting. Instead, I’m learning it’s much better just to talk to someone directly and sort things out. I realize how elementary-school that sounds. But really…we do it all the time.

Just thought I’d turn some internal frustrations into something more than a Read More link today.

That is all.

As the month of May comes to a close, keep an eye out for the official launch of my webcomic, Petrichor.

Head over to Inkblazers.com on Friday, May 30th to read about how a fallen doctor seeks to win back the affection of his ex-girlfriend by curing her of cancer. After this special 10-page release, the comic will update once a week.

Links will be posted later. I’m pretty stoked!