nice things.....

yesterday i had a couple of nice things happen so i thought i’d share.

i bought something off ebay  recently and when the dude went to post it, he had over charged me .79 cents in the quote.  so he refunded it to me!  i’ve had people over quote postage by a couple of dollars and nothing said or refunded, so this was a pleasant surprise.

the second one was yesterday at Plant 13.  not only did they swap out something from my meal and put in something else for no charge, they gave NadsHome a complimentary Preachers Cookie

how sweet!!  literally!


another great ‘date day’ with bff Nadshome.

you’re awesome!!!

ps: the dark photo of the oldies?  well, not only did they bring their own cafe into the movie, (check out the thermos lid far left) but three times she 'forgot’ to turn her phone off, then she fell asleep and started  s n o r i n g !!!  and Colonel Sanders said/did nothing about the whole situation!!!!


last Sunday night, myself and my bff, NadsHome, took ourselves off on a little stroll down memory lane, to go see The Clouds perform.  i’ve spoken about this band before and how much i  l o v e d  them and what they meant to me while i was in my early twenties.

they were sooooo awesome and they sounded just the same!  as soon as we stepped into the band room at the Gov, it was like i was back in 1991.  i got a little melancholy for those days gone by when i was still fresh and un-jaded! i sang my little heart out, and for a time, forgot that it was 2011.  i kept expecting my crush from back in those days, to walk in the door with his then girlfriend, and break my heart like he used too, all over again!