(Image description: The photo is a close up of a smiling young Samoan woman’s face. She has short hair and is wearing a orange-pink shirt.)

Nadeen Papali’i: Why she kicks ass

  • She is an Environmental Engineer whose involvement with Engineers Without Borders on water projects in Vanuatu initiated a long term desire to address water quality in developing countries.
  • She is passionate about raising the level of academic achievement amongst Pasifika students, and initiated study workshops in the Otara community. She notes that education is central to achieving sustainability, and has worked with Teach First NZ programmes to help her to impact young people within her community.
  • “I hope to gain a real appreciation for water. I hope the solution we come up with is able to be applied in various environments, particularly those in developing countries. My heart for getting involved is the need for safe, potable and easily accessible water in the islands, namely my country of origin, Samoa.”
  • She received a Prime Ministers Pacific Youth Award, and wrote an excellent personal piece for the Te Kuaka magazine Available HERE. (Page 23)
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