#APNY2015: Day 9

Day 9’s prompts require the use of a language’s Wikipedia article on Antarctica. As there is no Sumerian Wikipedia, I’ve instead tried to write a short introduction on Antarctica in Sumerian, based on the English article.

Antarctica gunuluulusharakam, ki dallaganagidulu rig. NabUlu bnini. Gun namuruikamam, u amagida shushu. Edinsedhada lilmahdam.

"Antarctica is the world’s southernmost land, where the south pole is located. The Southern Ocean surrounds it. It is the fifth landmass in size, and is covered by thick ice. It is a cold, dry, windy desert.

Vocabulary in this passage, by sentence:

gun “land” — ulu "southern" — shar "world" — ki "place, where" — dallaganagid "surveying/geographic pole" — ri(g) "to be located"

nab “ocean” — ningin/nini “to surround”

namuru "size" — ikam "fifth" — amagi "ice" — shush(u) "to cover"

edin “desert, steppe” — sed "cold" — hada "dry, arid" — lilmah "great winds"