صيام العوام ترك الطعام والشراب فحسب وصيام المؤمنين ترك المعاصي والآثام وصيام الأتقياء ترك ما سوى الله
On fast, the public abstain from food and water , while believers abstain from committing sins , while atquiaa -true deep believers- abstain from everything but ALLAH.

Welcome to the official Tumblr of Soap of Nablus!

We are very pleased to announce that our products with be available in Canada Summer 2013 (very soon!).

As part of one of the oldest soap-making traditions in the world, we at Soap of Nablus pride ourselves on offering 100% all-natural, organic, hand-crafted soap that is made with the purest of olive oil. It has no chemical additives or perfumes and is one of the mildest soaps on the market.

We are extremely proud to share the rich heritage of Nabulsi Soap (soap that originates from the Palestinian city of Nablus) with the rest of the world and hope that you all will love it as much as we do.