Remember when Xena announced they were ending and the writer just said fuck it lets party and season six ended up being the weirdest season with fanfic writers writing episodes, ghost stories, orgies, stripping, x&g milking cows in bikinis, x&g clones in the 21st century, more orgies, x&g kisses, lesbos, xenas wedding, more x&g kisses…Yeah every show should do this when they end…just take every possible awesome idea they had that they were afraid would make people stop watching, and make it.

Attention Xena fans, I need your help!!

So I’m working on a group project for one of my classes, in which my group has to create a fanzine about different sci-fi and fantasy shows and movies. One section I’m working on is an article about the effect that Xena: Warrior Princess has had on the LGBTQ community. Therefore, I am collecting personal statements/stories from fans about how the show might have helped with coming to terms with their sexuality, how it helped them come out, how they think it had a positive (or negative) influence on the community, etc. Please please please help me out and spread the word! I would just need you to send it to my ask box. It doesn’t even have to be long if you don’t want to write too much, but the more I have to work with, the better. Thank you so much!!

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