giovannagoodthighs said:

She’s no Caroline / Sarah but I wouldn’t kick her out of bed…

If I ever see a comment like this on one of my posts again, the offending party will be blocked, banned and blacklisted. Not that I can actually ban people but you get my point.

giovannagoodthighs said: Oooo! silvergoat22, fyninasosanya is crabby with me. Which is a pity because I think she’s doing a great job but sense of humour failure happens to all of us…

Maybe I’m just tired of Nina being described as ‘pretty’ to Sarah Lancashire’s ‘magnificent’ in a number of direct and indirect ways, the #teamlancashire/caroline bollocks that sprung up on tumblr during series 2 of LTiH which I wish I’d never read, having screencaps I’ve made being used on Facebook without credit by someone who you follow, of reading someone on twitter complain about her being ‘as ubiquitous as Olivia Colman’ because she was on two shows at once in March, as if her 10 mins of screen time on Shetland as well as however much screentime she had in W1A was just too much. Maybe these are the reasons why I’ve had a sense of humour failure.

giovannagoodthighs said: Fair enough, fyninasosanya but please be assured that silvergoat22 and I have a fun thing going admiring both gorgeous halves of McElliot with equal affection. We mean no disrespect but do enjoy a bit of a laugh. Call us middle-aged and bored but sometimes a giggle in the middle of our day is what gets us through. You can also rely on silvergoat22 to defend Nina’s honour to the hilt and I to do the same with Sarah. I can’t promise not to be naughty again but at least you will know that I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t think she was just lovely… (And yes, it’s a pain being a fan of someone that is seemingly not as highly thought of as another - I’ve been waiting for Simone Lahbib to reach her rightful place in the pantheon of British actors for bloody years!).

Okay then. Agree about Simone Lahbib.