Marineland august 16, 2014: the water was disgusting in all the tanks. There was a heavy smell of chlorine in Kiska’s tank, the stadium tank and inside the aquarium. The seals all had their eyes tightly closed. Also Kiska’s tank was emanating a smell of fecal matter near the one side where the filter and vent was. The deers were heartbreaking. Apparently scraping their antlers is normal but usually done on trees. There are no trees in their area. Blood was getting every where and no one cared. Parents were letting their small children walk right through the fresh blood and touch the deer while he was scraping. It may be natural but it can’t be sanitary. Kiska has given up. You can see into her eyes. Echo the dolphin had take marks all over her. And one dolphin looked spotty. But can’t be sure. Couldn’t get close enough. No Smooshi in the show. We had Apollo instead. So many Belugas. There were 20 in one tank at Arctic Cove. The other side had mothers and babies. Plus one looked pregnant. There were about 4 babies. One looked about a week old.

22. Kiska

She is known in the media as the “World’s Loneliest Orca.” Kiska swims in total isolation in a barren fiberglass tank in Canada. Keeping a killer whale in solitary isolation is  illegal in the United States. A former Marineland trainer who worked primarily with Kiska reported to the Toronto Star that the lonely orca is suffering from medical conditions and has an untreated injury that causes her to bleed intermittently from her tail fluke.  Since Kiska has lost all her calves and closest companion, she is often seen logging listlessly at the surface of the water but continues vocalizing. On May 31, animal activists lined the road to Marineland silently protesting Kiska’s devastating living conditions. 


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Recently I’ve been reading extensively about Marineland Canada, a place I used to really enjoy visiting and whose animals are dear to my heart (Ontarians all know the “Everyone Loves Marineland” ear worm commercial!). Recently, after a lot of a research (and not being 13 any more) my stance on whale and dolphin captivity has changed significantly, where I no longer support it and don’t believe these animals, with all their self-awareness and smarts, do well there at all.

Marineland’s a prime example because Marineland, it turns out, is a literal whale death trap.

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Two minutes with Kiska.  Sometimes it really looks like she’s watching her own shadow as she swims round and round.  After 5 dead calves and numerous dead tank mates, all Kiska has for company now is her shadow.

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