This is going to be a war, and it’s going to be one that carries on for a number of years,” Corrigan said of the legal challenges his city has mounted in various levels of court, in attempts to stop Kinder Morgan’s work on Burnaby Mountain.

“The bigger argument that needs to be fought is: How much can the federal government impose its will on local governments and the ability of people to make local decisions? That’s really the quintessential issue that takes this beyond a merely local situation to being one that attracts interest from municipalities right across Canada.”

“I didn’t look for the fight. But like any good east end boy, if it comes to me, I’m not going to back down,” said Corrigan, recently re-elected to a fifth term as mayor of Burnaby. “This came to our doorstep. We didn’t go looking for this fight … but this will likely turn into a case that will have implications for cities right across Canada for a long time.

“This is a fight that’s been a long time coming. We’ve been dealing with 21st-century problems using a 19th-century statute.”

This puts us in a terrible situation in the city of Burnaby,” he said. “It’s not even ironic, it’s terrible. We don’t want to be placed in a position of having our police department have to enforce an injunction that we never wanted to see happen. And if the bylaws had been enforced, none of those protesters would have to be on that mountain.”


Kinder Morgan Protest on Burnaby Mountain: Monday, November, 17th, 2014.

The B.C. Supreme Court ordered anti-pipeline protesters on Burnaby Mountain to tear down their camp by 4 p.m. Monday (November 17).

Instead, hundreds of demonstrators converged on the site in a strong show of opposition to Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project.

Burnaby RCMP opted to exercise discretion and leave arrests for another day.

Vancouver photographer Jackie Dives captured the scene.

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Jack White in the bucolic setting of Deer Lake Park shouldn’t compute.

He’s always looked like something that was hatched from a huge egg sac in a dank cellar in Detroit—you wouldn’t call him the outdoorsy type, exactly—but there was something right about watching this deathlessly talented freak remodel himself yet again beneath the towering pines of the Pacific Northwest on Thursday (August 28).

Not least of all because so much of his set had the antique quality of mountain and porch music forced through a battery of screaming tube amps.

Plus, on occasion (and ignoring the tensor bandage), he was barefoot.

Back to nature!

Read the whole review: Jack White rolls like thunder into Burnaby

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Teen urges CEO Rich Kinder to listen to Burnaby protesters in video letter

Sixteen-year-old Jacqueline Lee-Tam confesses she wrote the script for her video letter to the CEO of one of the most powerful energy companies in the world in her Vancouver high-school biology class yesterday.

“I need Rich Kinder to be aware of the people he’s affecting.  He hasn’t heard it from our mouths.  He’s cutting off dialogue,” said Lee-Tam.

“I need him to know that we do care, and we are upset.”

Within hours, the grade 11, international baccalaureate student arrived on Burnaby Mountain to a massive crowd — 800-plus — protesting Kinder Morgan and the recent court order barring citizens from interfering with the company’s controversial pipeline survey work.

As the injunction took effect at 4pm, she recorded this video statement to Rich Kinder — the billionaire owner of much of Texas-based Kinder Morgan seeking to build a pipeline through Burnaby Mountain:

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Kinder Morgan crews blocked by citizens on Burnaby Mountain

(first) 18-year-old George Khossi pins himself under a Kinder Morgan jeep on Burnaby Mountain in protest of pipeline test drill work on Wednesday; (second) Kinder Morgan survey crews were met by citizens deep inside the conservation forest. Photos by Mychaylo Prystupa.

Kinder Morgan crews were met by a group of citizens that blocked the company from conducting its oil pipeline survey work on Burnaby Mountain Wednesday morning.  One teenager even pinned himself under a company jeep.

The drama began around 10am at a staging area where dozens of citizens have been gathered for days.  Suddenly, the word went out: Kinder Morgan crews were advancing into the woods.  

“Kinder Morgan is at bore hole one!” yelled SFU professor, Stephen Collis.

“Kinder Morgan is at bore hole one!”

Instantly, a mad dash of citizens, journalists and filmmakers ran several minutes into the Conservation forest to intersect with the company crews.  

“You’re access is not acknowledged!” yelled a protester to the crews.

“You have no right to be here!” said another.  “Canada doesn’t want your dirty oil money!”

“[expletive] off back to Texas!  [expletive] off back to Texas!” yelled more.


Kelly Clarkson’s Microsoft Store show in Vancouver (technically Burnaby) was truly something special. She is absolutely phenomenal live and is charismatic and beautiful to boot! It was my first time seeing her in concert - and from the front row as well! We even shared a little moment during “Underneath the Tree”, which she performed for the first time. I was the first fan she saw singing along and she gave me such an ecstatic smile. :D I know how proud she is of her Christmas album, Wrapped in Red, so it was cool to have that memory! Needless to say, this experience was well worth the long wait, and I’ll be coming back to see Queen Kelly again and again!

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Burnaby RCMP searching for missing teen

Mounties are looking for a girl who went missing from North Burnaby Friday afternoon.

Jorden Herron was last seen around 1:10 p.m. when she walked away from a home on Frances Street.

She is described as five-foot, one-inches, 120 pounds, with long brown hair that is streaked blond and has two braids on the right side.

Jorden was last seen wearing blue plaid shorts, purple shirt, and a gray sweater.

The girl does not know the area and is not involved in any high risk activities.

She is 12 years old but is said to look more like she is 15 or 16.

Anyone with information on her whereabouts is asked to call Burnaby RCMP at 604-294-7922 ask to speak with the missing persons unit.