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Kelly Clarkson’s Microsoft Store show in Vancouver (technically Burnaby) was truly something special. She is absolutely phenomenal live and is charismatic and beautiful to boot! It was my first time seeing her in concert - and from the front row as well! We even shared a little moment during “Underneath the Tree”, which she performed for the first time. I was the first fan she saw singing along and she gave me such an ecstatic smile. :D I know how proud she is of her Christmas album, Wrapped in Red, so it was cool to have that memory! Needless to say, this experience was well worth the long wait, and I’ll be coming back to see Queen Kelly again and again!

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the following is a transcription of all the events  that happened at the sigur ros show in burnaby, bc, where jonsi and i stared at eachother 8 times throughout the night as i screamed lyrics at him, orri tossed me his drumstick (where i damn near puked upon catching), and a high-risk stakeout ends up with me giving raw vegan cookies to jonsi backstage,

him kissing me on the cheek,

and us getting drunk with the rest of the band + a couple other cool people and ultimately the best night i’ve ever had.

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Got kinda crafty and made these. I haven’t figured out how to sell things online and ship things yet, so I’m selling these locally. If anyone on here is from the general Vancouver (Canada) area and is interested in any of these or know anyone who is, hit me up! :D