I think this is appropriate for my 1000th post

I am going to try to be better toward the people I love.

A better husband, father, son, friend, sibling, uncle, nephew.


pros of drinking a lot of water:

  • good for your skin
  • good for your hair
  • helps loose weight
  • good for curing illness
  • boosts energy
  • helps immune system
  • lessens the chance of getting cancer
  • helps general health and happyness

cons of drinking a lot of water:

  • i peed 6 times today

no one in their right mind would choose watching a shitty recording of a musical over going to see a show live. the people who watch bootlegs are the ones who either a) can’t afford live theatre or b) live too far away. taking away bootlegs makes no impact on the revenue of a production, it just decreases the number of people who are able to appreciate your work.