Quick lunch from Mum Bakery Tutong today.

Custard Bread

For half a dollar, you will get juicy bread filled with custard and a half cherry. I found that the bread from Tutong branch didn’t have any difference with their counterpart from Kiulap.

Cocktail Bun

This one dollar bread where butter are strengthen on top of the bread while cream and cocktail are mash inside. Quite a careful handling to avoid “cream-splattering” on fingers.

Garlic Bread

Nope. Better buy it at Le’ Apple.

I hate the fact that my table at my office is like my harddisk, heavily fragmented in a very short time. Not so important papers, someone stationary & my “handcraft” waste are lying around during that short period of time. Now I have clean it and waiting for the worst that I can get from my table.

Portuguese Egg Tart, crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside.

When I was in Year 9, the school held an event where students can registered themselves to sports & cultural clubs which are available in the school. I was not a sporty person at that time so I look up & down on the list of cultural clubs to find a suitable time killing for me. There are art, music and home economic to name a few.

Art, I’m averagely good or not at that time. I doodle a huge head & small limbs figure a lot at that time. My subject mostly focused on Dragon Ball and some sort of canned beverages who have eye & mouth on it. So, I went to the art club to inspect what kind of art that they will practice during club time. To my surprised, I found myself to be under-skilled with all the requirement to join the club. The art activity mostly involve on splattering bottles of colored ink precisely on a pencil drawn white canvas. The only thing that I am capable enough is drawing something on an A4 paper before I ink a drawing pen on top of the graphite line. My tools at that time is only the mechanical pencil, mechanical eraser, blanco, 0.1 black drawing pen & 0.5 black drawing pen. So, I dropped my interest on joining the art club & went to check another cultural club.

Music! At that time, I’m still banging my hand to some weird gesture & movement, following a rap themed song. That was before I discovered Emo style song. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any talent at all on anything that make the sound of music. I remembered when my Tausyeh teacher told me to use bass tone to balance it all. I never have a chance singing in a higher tone and if I have the chance, I may screwed it. Like 3 years ago. I was the lead singer for my class. To reach higher tone, I have to scream. Not rough, but smooth. My lecture told me to stop and appointed someone else to sing. I was too ego at that time, I went to mini tantrum. And I made my class 3rd place.

Home economic, where maidens prepared food in a controlled condition. Sugar & salts. Foods are displayed on every table in the club and its not free. I was taken aback with the price of sandwich which will cost me 2 bucks. The sandwich is soft but the fillings keep falling out. My friend who were searching for a club is in the home economic class. She is asking the teacher in-charge on what will she expect when she joined the club. I was curious and then join the conversation. And accidentally joined the club. Surprisingly, I’m the first guy ever to join the club. And the top absentee for the club.

All clubs start at the afternoon & for home economic, its every Wednesday. I didn’t come on the first day of the club. Next day, my friend who also joined the club reminds me to come next week. She also reminds me to pay the BND5 fee to buy a book to record our progress in the club. She also reminds me to brought in 5 eggs for the next club meet as the teacher in-charge planned to bake some pound cake. And I still didn’t come to the club despite I went to meet the teacher in-charge a day before to pay the book & promise to come to the club. And every week, there will be an empty stool in the home economic club where I should sit on it. And by the end of the year, my attendant is at 0%.

That was my first experience on joining a club.


Went to karaoke place yesterday with my workmate. However I was going to that place just to eat because I haven’t had my lunch yet at that time. My friends already told me that this type of place only served lekor & fritters. Surprisingly, there are “other” on the menu but no rice, indicating you are here not to eat but to enjoy and sing till you have no voice left.

The banana fritters are one of the best that I ever taste. The outer layer is crispy while the banana itself is perfect. Lekor is also quite brilliant when it comes as a side companion with a microphone on your left hand. The only thing that turned thing down is the french fries. It was fried with cooking oil that has been used several times, making your french fries taste like licking a weathered lamp post.

The drinks are fucking expensive. 3 bucks for one canned of pepsi. Sigh.

Was eating my dinner which is a plate of plain rice and several limbs of warm barbecue chickens when I went grab one it and hold it for a few seconds before realize how the warm barbecue wing is as warm as someone finger or arm & the meat composition is like human hand. Oh shit. Thats it. I quite eating chicken. For today.