Hello, this is my third year checking out this con, first time tabling. It’s always made me very happy. As a weirdo multimedia artist, the whole ~*~GRAPHICS~*~ part makes me feel very included. Also, I find it to be a unique (and mangeable) crowd comprised of creative, innovative types that cultivate excitement and smart discussion. I tabled with some truly inspirational humans, check all them out at Crystal Club. Overall I felt warmth and acceptance, which is something I haven’t been feeling in the other places I inhabit. I drifted around person to person like a happy cloud.

fig. 1 Things I want to talk about: 

dw- Did you know Mr. Kid Clampdown draws on graph paper? Well it’s true, I know because I own an original now. I should’ve bought his new print, it’s beautiful, but I don’t have the space or ability to display nice prints right now. His intricate line work makes sense as a layered color print.

Foe Books- Do you know what makes sense? Printing dithered, black and white dot compensated images as a beautifully composed and considered book. Laura Brothers’ work makes for a brilliant optical experience. Books like this prove that printed material does not have to fear digital process, and needs to embrace its potential. 

JUNG/FRANKENSTEIN- Daniel Newman and Mike Taylor put together an eclectic, sort’ve sketch-book book. I enjoy looking at it and consulting the title key page in the front. I can tap into their thinking a bit, like a name plate in a gallery without the sterility. Mike’s really smart, we tabled next to his (Providence corner I guess) he asked me some really insightful questions, I wish I got to pick his brain more.

John Pham- Holy shit, I feel like you all know who John Pham is already, but I fucking didn’t, why didn’t you tell me!? I instantly gravitated to Scuzzi and Super Toy and bought them on the spot. Looking at them gives me the same overwhelming, detailed vintage sci-fi boner I got from Stray Light Gray. He told me he’s an animator too, I wanna see that. He also gave me a zine of drawings and optical lines that utilizes the transparency of the page and the subtlety of off-pink, day glo orange and green to create some beautiful effects. If I was a judge on the panel for the Risograph awards…I’d probably…I don’t know… 

Anthony Cudahy- For Thirst really captures the feeling of trying to squeeze water from a stone. That’s kind’ve what I took from his newest zine. His dusty, light drawings and drifting subjects don’t allow you to feel presence. He creates subtlety that’s internally refreshing. 

2013- Kathrina’s an amazing person of multiple talents. Their calendar is such a treat, each month is another comfy scuzz world I love inhabiting and relating to. There’s even a menstrual chart! That’s SOOO useful!!

Kawaii- I love seeing Slow Youth’s take on the Kawaii theme. I’m really glad they didn’t sacrifice their graphic style for the sake of their theme. They did an excellent job on layout and color consideration, it’s a fantastic art-object. 

THICKNESS 3- Thickness 3, Thickness 3. That is all. No, oh my gosh, I’m so happy to own this now. I didn’t think it could get sexier, HOW DID IT GET SEXIER? Maybe ‘cause it’s noticeably more queer this time around and that’s more arousing to me. But holy shit, it’s also brutally, beautifully, fetishistic. Psyched about the inclusion of Tagame and Burkholder. The printing is spot-on and clever. Best contemporary presentation of porn comics.

Eye of Horus- Alabaster’s new zine combines the golden age of illustration (particularly Beardsley), Egypt, and a healthy layer of scuzz to create something fantastic and refreshing. I think Allie might be in a class of her own. 

In the Up Part of the Wave- Lala Albert’s work as this giant printed newspaper is just serene. The sea colors with the pink is gorgeous. The compositions are like an Ito manga if Ito knew how to be graceful. I love her gross alien face stuff, but I found this zine to be particularly enriching.  

fig. 2 Stuff I love in ways I’ve already explained a bunch (wait I love Pixel Dog so much I forgot to get Zach Hazard’s new zine)/stuff I haven’t been able to process


fig. 4 Excited trades I’m excited about from Emely B. (Kanye Tamagotchi), Pete Toms, Alex Degen (This zine is 2 pages and it’s the funniest thing I’ve consumed in a while, the humor is on par with Serafinowicz/Popper, my comedic heroes. AD: funniest dude in comics), Katbus Brawl, Aleks Sennwald, Kat Fajardo, Kim Te/Katbus/Meg/Me (friendship zine), BMFU (the killer collection), Geoff (he pulled a comic out of nowhere, isn’t that great?), James McShane (Fun Fact: James loves horror manga just as much as any of us nards!), and Slongo.

Well I basically made a tiny bit more than I paid for the table, but it’s fine, I just wanted to trade, and as you can see I made out like a bandit. I love everyone though, stuff like this challenges me in just the right way. Hope to see physical manifestations of everyone again soon. Be sure to check me out in upcoming editions of Happiness, Throat and Jeans. Also I’m having another installation at Purchase in a couple weeks?! I know, I dunno.