N’rage Bubble Gum Pink Hair Dye Review

there weren’t many reviews for n’rage online that had much detail, but it was cheap enough that i grabbed a bottle to try since the manic panic faded quickly and this brand was advertised as being demi-permanent and lasting 6-8 weeks. the fading pictured above is under the course of a week, approximately 6 days. 

Pros: cheap, smells like BUBBLE GUM

Cons: UNKIND to curly hair, even after conditioning. fades to an ugly brassy orange, doesn’t really play well with my ombre, only getting the lightest parts of it. 

The Dying: my hair started out undamaged and with its normal curliness (which you can see here fairly easily), and i washed my hair with shampoo before dying, let my hair dry, and then placed the color on. the dye itself is hard to remove from the bottle, as it is extremely thick and the bottle itself is hard to pour. this makes it slightly easier to keep everything clean, but it is rather difficult to apply. 

The Wait: i kept it in my hair for a tiny bit over an hour, covered with a showercap. 

The Wash: i rinsed my hair first, then washed it with a color safe shampoo to prevent it from staining anything later. it didn’t stain my tub or skin, though i got it on both. the places where i had gotten it on me or my sink scrubbed out fairly easily. 

The Result: though the color hadn’t really faded back to my bleached hair in the course of 6 days, it faded to such a weird color i redyed fairly quickly. it also was not great for my curls, even after a deep conditioning my hair was just kind of frizzy and not great looking. it also wouldn’t go over the darker part of my ombre at all, really defeating the point of my ombre entirely. :C but HEY my hair smelled like bubble gum for like a whole day afterwards and that was pretty cool. 

Conclusion: i will NOT be using n’rage in the future. even though it was cheap, i still had to use half a bottle in order to dye my hair, and the color was never really great! just not really worth it. i even tried dying my hair with n’rage a second time, worrying that i had done something wrong the first time or my hair chemistry was slightly off or something—who knows—but the results ended up the same. i’m thinking maybe the other colors might go on better, and that my hair probably isn’t bleached white enough for this color to really shine, but the fact that it also does my curls so wrong makes me hesitant to recommend it to people with similar hair textures to my own D: 

I’ve determine that I need Punky colors or N’Rage. And N’Rage only has tiny bottles for 10 dollars each an it literally is only a few ounces. So where can I get some Punky colors here in Texas? Sallys doesn’t sell them and I need some NOW.

Also, to anyone who uses semi or demi-permanent dyes like Raw, and Manic Panic, NEVER EVER USE N'RAGE.

I wasted so much money on their product and almost gave up on the blue because it barely stuck and showed up but right before I caved and was gonna bye brown dye I did a strand test with some old Raw that I had, ended up using it, and now my hair looks fine.

I wish there was a way I could get back all the money I spent on those dyes, and on extra bleach.