anonymous asked:

What are some of your favorite gifs of taekwoon?

omg there’s so many…. like.. too many…

(so many other taekwoon gifs that i should add but dont want to spam lol)

(like there are reaction gifs too that i haven’t added… this is so hard to narrow down omg ;;;)

but the most important one by far…

me too ravi.. me too…. *u*


Best fancam! VIXX Utopia Manila “Exercise” 😍😂 / cr: dainty rhymes

Have you guys seen this gold? amazon-bookworm yuu-jin, vixx-otps, cluesoe-vixx, taekwoon-the-aegyo-fairy, excelsis-prince, hyde-leo-from-n, han-sangfuck, paetoi, jungtaekgod, kong-tv, kenddi, rubmesomevixx, saranghae-vixx, swiggityswag-in-hakyeons-pants, thaoweo, vixx-timemachine, vixxleoo, wontaektv, waitingissuchpain

I was so scared of losing you that saying ‘I love you’ and letting you all the way in was terrifying to me. We fell apart because I couldn’t deal with the thought of us burning up in flames, but now my fear is in our favour, because i’ve felt what it’s like to not be where i’m supposed to be, which is in your arms with no regrets, and that pain is a thousand times worse than any pain I could ever feel with you
—  I’m ready to let you love me