3 things you need to know about VIXX:

1. concept idols that surprises fans each time
2. tall, handsome and sexy in any unimaginable ways
3. do all sorts of nonsense as a group you think they are neighbourhood idiots

Above all these things, they are 6 boys who managed to live the dream to be performers on stage. They work their ass off day and night to climb higher and also to always bring something new for the fans. I was not a fan from the very beginning but I am proud to be part of this amazing fandom supporting them. Their sincerity & love for Starlights are special and I will be with them till the end.

Happy 3rd year anniversary, VIXX ♥


120625: First MTV Diary with VIXX…and so the story began.

Kinda hard to just pick one memorable moment when talking about VIXX so here’s some scenes from MTV Diary that made me fall hard for this group. Happy 3rd Anniversary VIXX! Love you all from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for making me laugh when no one else could <3

150225 // why ken fell off the horse

ryeowook: ken fell off a horse? what’s that about?
ken: uhhh… we were..
ryeowook: are you okay?
ken: yes, i’m fine now.
ryeowook: we’ll move on then.
ken: I’M NOT OKAY!!!
ryeowook: how did that (falling off a horse) happen?
ken: we were filming a shoot with us riding on horses.
ryeowook: yes, yes. it happened there?
ken: the horse must have hated me.
ryeowook: that’s really dangerous. it could’ve been really bad.
n: that’s right, and you know how the helicam goes ‘dudududu’? the horse got startled from that noise and took off.
ken: director, please be careful with the helicam.