12/25/14: Jonathan Toews has a few words for Canada’s 2015 WJC team [X]

"Whether at home or away, I think it’s an amazing experience to play for Team Canada. World Juniors is the first time for a young player to step up on the big stage and represent Canada at the international level, and to do it at home is, I think, even more amazing.

"Especially in Toronto, Montreal, basically the heartland of Canadian hockey, it’s going to be really amazing, so good luck to you guys."


my darling twin sister toastyhat tagged me so apparently now I have to post six selfies from over the year?  I’m sensing a pattern of three-quarter shots and high contrast.  Believe it or not my hair is brown, not black. 

I also need to give a runner-up shoutout to one final selfie because I feel it shows a true depth of my soul that many portraits do not.


yes that’s right it’s the extremely important funky webcam-filter one where I look like Stephen Fry.  UwU