xo-bliss said:

Hell yeah I feel you! I don't think I've ever cried soo much in a TV show lmao that show is like killing me haha...everyone thinks it's full if stupid corny shit then there's the people who actually watch it haha it's just too good


that show is ruining my life and my emotional state. it’s currently messing with my stilinski feels. if anything happens to stiles’s dad i’m gonna murder somebody(probably jeff)

xo-bliss said:

Omfg yes!! Lol at least Derek will finally get with someone and not have To worry about them turning evil or some shit lmao...I knew darach was Ms Blake ugh so ugly lol

i didn’t like them together and I KNEW she was the darach haha

poor derek, he always gets the bad ones lol time to swing for a different team derek!!

xo-bliss said:

I swear since motel California I have been emotionally unstable like wtf would they make everyone suicidal and the kill my Boyd the next ep? Whyy? That ruined me haha but OMG I don't even wanna know what's gonna happen I keep saying I'm so done with the show but then I keep coming back for more haha

same same same!!! haha

i’m always like i hate this stupid show i’m not watching this anymore. but then i find myself staying up till 5am on mondays just to watch it live

xo-bliss said:

Wait hoooold up ...did I just see you like teen wolf? Ooh my gad! And The Weeknd? Ooooh my gad! Haha I'm like super happy right now! :D

liking is a weak word to define my love for that show haha

i’m more obsessed than i planned to be. i thought it will be a stupid show about werewolves and it will be nothing serious but i got so caught up in it now i have all kind of feels

haha you feel me?