I once was a city girl with commuter punch cards and pantyhose. I was on my way to being professional urban black woman going clickity clack. Keep moving moving moving.
I threw my exhausted hands up. Barefoot. Fresh faced. Open spaces. Opened mind. Open open open.
I still visit the city and enjoy the consciences but the pull of the country is where I’d always rather be. #countrymouse #biglovetovt #myvermont #myvt #hulahoop #hooplove #hoopersofinstagram #hoopersofig #knapp #cavendish #vermont

Moy Yat from the Keun Kuit:
When you should hit - hit
When you shouldn’t hit - don’t
Don’t when you can’t and don’t when you mustn’t.

I may not have the time or emotional energy to focus on training right now. But it is ever present in my mind.

Para mim Harry Potter e Crepúsculo, são dois tipo de filme muito diferentes com mundos diferentes histórias diferentes, essas brigas ridículas não tem nada a ver.