Do you ever have that feeling after waking up one day that you e just changed? Whether it’s for the bad or the good, but you feel like you’ve just changed? Today, when I woke up, I felt like I changed for the good, in a matter of just a couple hours of sleeping. I just want to be a better person, for myself, for my family & most of all for my fiancé. I want to be someone people could look up to. I want to be the person that people talk fantastic about because of my heart & my successfulness. I want to be able to be the best daughter I can be, the best employee I can be, the best godmother I can be & the best fiancé & future wife that I can be. I want to do things differently, I want to be a better & different person. Everyone deserves it. I deserve it. I want to make my fiancé the happiest she’s ever been in her whole entire life, I want her to be proud to say that she’s going to marry me one day. I want to have the most amazing family in the world. I want to be that trophy wife & mother & I want to be everything I can be for my future children because they’ll look up to me one day & want to be just like me. I want my family to always have me to leave on. I just want to be a better person. I know I can & I’m going to do everything in my power to be the best me I can be. That’s all I really want. I will make this happen. I will. My future will be bright & my life will be damn near perfect. I have faith & I have hope & I believe in myself. I really do.