if i can’t see the robbers, the robbers can’t see me, yes?

So recently GMM was discussing the Illuminati and who might be Involved in it...

It’s very interesting that they included Link in the last bit as well. Here’s a screenshot I managed to take just at the perfect timing of Link “adjusting his glasses”: 

Totally normal, right? But let’s take a closer look… 

Interesting right? Let’s take an even closer look…

You don’t even need to go in depth and watch the rest of the show. 

What are you hiding, Link? 


rhett (offstage, mockingly.):


earth hour is 8:30 pm in your local timezone, like a rolling darkness across the earth.


the individual frames of that bottom gif are something else i tell you what


it’s worth it. for science.


this was a bad guess.


mayo clinic used to put out cd-roms so you could give yourself webmd hypochondria panic without getting on the internet