Man from the cast : What was the strangest question you were asked?
Colin Morgan : the first one ( chuckles and agreement all around )
Johnny Capps : there were a group of girls who seemed very keen on Merlin
Bradley James : yes
Colin Morgan : uhm .. yeah we kinda put an end to that quite quickly didn’t we ( chuckles )
Man from the cast : Was.. was that the love affair question?
                                          ( chuckles all around )
Bradley James : yes .. yes
Polly Buckles : under no circumstances go to google and put in Merlin slash fiction - do not -
                                          ( chuckles all around )
Polly Buckle : that’s probably a very bad idea
Colin Morgan : yeah
Man from the cast : We’ve been sent quite a few erotic links already as well-
Polly Buckle : i’ve seen it
Man from the cast : has anyone been to Brokeback Merlin.. lately?
                                        ( gasps and loud laughter )
Man from the cast : there’s just.. something special about that-Brokeback Merlin-
                                          ( more laughter )
Johnny Capps : these .. these epic tales are you know there is a certain homoeroticism to them because y’know these are men fighting with swords doing desperate things you know you’re.. you’re always gonna get those kind of questions.

Bradley James
 : Believe it or not, I actually take it as quite a compliment uhm because … myself and Colin have uhm…y’know from the start y’know we discussed the relationship and how we wanted it to develop and uhm yeah I sort of take it as a compliment that the audiences are seeing something there that they can use uhm and y’know bring it to a complete extreme in my opinion-

Cast and production staff Q/A session, London MCM Expo, 25th October 2008.


He is full of enthusiasm for everything. Everything is great, everything is nice, everything is fantastic all the time and sometimes I think: ‘Right, I could do a bit of a pep up here’ and Colin's there sort of just going: 'No, everything is great' and I go: 'Alright yeah, everything is fine'. - Bradley James

I’ve learnt many years ago not to try to live up to Colin Morgan - there’s no point, he is on a level that is far beyond the rest of us, so it’s better just to have him as your goal and silently plod along behind him!” - Katie McGrath

One of the most hardworking, welcoming people I’ve ever met. I think one of the best actors I’ve ever worked with. I would say that the reason the show is as successful — a major part of that is because of him. He was always on there and welcomed everyone to the set even if they’re there for one scene or for a few years.He would just always give you so much. If you had a scene with Colin you would be better, I think. He’s genuinely one of the nicest people. He loves acting so much and so committed. He gave his life over for the eight months we filmed. He’s someone I am in awe of. I’d like to be a bit more like him. - Rupert Young

I told Colin Morgan I would direct him in anything he chooses. Colin is going to be a very big name and Shine (the company who did Merlin) were so lucky to get him. He’s a brilliant actor and so professional…so hard-working and a really nice guy. - Richard Wilson

He is the first guy on set and the last guy on set for actually everyday. I don’t envy him his workload. Merlin is the lead in the show in many ways and he is in a huge amount of it. - co-creator Julian Murphy

No matter how tired he is whether he is up a hill on a horse, whether he is in the water, whether he is in a castle having to fight a green screen monster, pretending a monster in front of a green screen, no matter what we throw to him he always gives a 100%. - co-creator Johnny Capps

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Favourite People - Colin Morgan

What I remember most about my encounter with Colin Morgan is how articulate and thoughtful he is. Does his star burn brighter because it has been fashioned out of adversity?  Absolutely. All I do know is that he is smart enough to know that hard work and sheer determination has catapulted him into a position of extraordinary privilege and opportunity. So far he’s made some very interesting choices outside Merlin, and he has deftly avoided being typecast. (x)