( both laugh )
Bradley James : 
Definitely Colin. I don’t think there’s any doubt about that.
Colin Morgan : (chuckles) Yeah… yeah. I’ll have to agree with that in case you boss me around.  
                             ( both laugh )
Bradley James : I think like even if I’d never bossed around anyone ever before, ever, I think it would still be me because Colin is quite saintly in his behavior .. uhm I think he could make y’know Mother Teresa look like a product of the devil. (Colin chuckles) So that’s easily me for that. In fact, ask any negative question in terms of who is this or that, who does this the most, the answer will be me, I would have thought.
Colin Morgan : I’ll always thank you for that reference to Mother Teresa. Thanks a lot, Bradley.
Bradley James : No worries. She still looks up to you, Col, for your saintliness.

Conference call with Bradley James & Colin Morgan (audio)