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Lose Your Mind || Ariel and Eric

[Eric hadn’t fallen asleep, far too much on his mind and things that needed to be done. Slipping out of the hospital bed had been easy even with Ariel beside him, and walking to where he had his bag, Eric produced a pair of handcuffs before he was walking back to the bed, cuffing her to the bed to ensure she wouldn’t leave when she awoke. With that, he disappeared out of the room on a few of his little errands]


[Eric had barley managed to get away from that damned seductress Kitty, and it had taken all of his will-power not to give into the sexual desire she had filled him with. He barley managed to get back to his room just from being outside in the area he was allowed to be, and once he got in, he stumbled to his bed and groaned as he, falling down onto it. He was so desperate for something, and it was all because of that damned power]


Kiss the Girl || Ariel and Eric

Everything had to be perfect tonight. He wanted everything just right for Ariel. After all, she did deserve the best. Things had been rough five years ago. Eric had been in a very, very dark place for quite some time, but with the guidance of Ariel, that darkness had been ebbed away, though there would always be just a bit surrounding his heart. The consequences of coming back from the dead, of course. Not that he was aware of it. The two had grown closer, and the heartache that Aaron had left him with had slowly begun to fade. His first love had never returned, and as Eric had gotten better, his heart had begun to heal. Needless to say Ariel had been the one to steal it, and once he had accepted those feelings, he had waited until he was in the right mind set for another relationship. The two had been together for years now, and had been living together in an apartment for two and a half of those years. 

It was a beautiful apartment, cozy and felt like home. Though it hardly mattered where they were, as long as they were together. Currently Eric was getting dressed in his most fancy clothing: a blue button up shirt, a black suit coat over, and black suit pants with a pair of his nicer shoes. He’d even bothered to comb his hair that day. He was getting ready to take his girlfriend out for a fancy dinner, and oh did he have a surprise for her. “Stupid tie,” he grumbled as he messed up it, scowling at his reflection in the mirror. “Why are you always so stubborn?”