I love my new boots! They fit well and are absolutely adorable. The heel height is just perfect - tall enough for longer jeans, but comfortable enough to walk around in all day.

You can get them at your local Skechers shop.

U Hrvatskoj su ove čizmice dostupne u svim Skechers trgovinama i trenutno su na sniženju pa ih možete dobiti za samo 339kn. Nisu li divne? :)

I’ve been lusting after these book clutches for some time now, and today I decided to make one.  I wanted something a little smaller, just to fit the essentials.  The Olympia Le-Tan clutches are beautifully embroidered, but at $1,330.00 I just don’t think I can afford it right now… or ever.

Hope you like my DIY book clutch. And yes, I know, it could look much better but I’m not the craftiest person in the blogosphere.