Confetti High Fives

Celebrate national high five day – yes that holiday actually exists – with an epic confetti blasting high five. This re-loadable hand device shoots out biodegradable confetti when you high five someone. It’s perfect for sporting events and weddings.


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Cosmic Galaxy Vans

Own a truly out of this world, mind blowing pair of sneakers with the cosmic galaxy Vans. With a unique design for each pair of shoes, they sport the classic waffle outsole along with a far out cosmic design and a slimmed down profile that make them fit like a glove.


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Due to the recent questions on some of the other sapient creatures and species of my MLP headcaon, I decided to draw a few as a sneak peek of sorts to how they’d be. Featured her is the most common species of Flutterpony (otherwise known as the Pegafay), the giraffe, the sphinx, and a sphinx/griffon hybrid. While not full, here are brief summaries of each:

-The Pegafay, or Flutterpony, is a moderate sized creature that is related to equine however not necessarily equine themselves. They are thin, long-legged, and light with all of the majesty of a deer. The Flutterpony is very closely related to the changeling although the changeling tends to be larger, and are more “rough” in appearance. Despite being omnivorous (their favorite meat being fish), the Flutterpony is very fond of fruits and flowers, especially roses and peaches (infact, the peach and rose is very important to the Flutterpony culture, as they’re both prominent features in ceremonies such as holidays, celebrations, and mourning)

-The Giraffe in my headcanon is a sapient creature that populates Zebrica alongside the Zebras, Buffalo, Elephants, Rhinos, and hyena-like Diamond Dogs. They’d be far more flexible than the giraffe in real life and are the second-most common race in Zebrica. Their magic often revolves around the Earth element, although it’s common for giraffes to also have different sorts of magic. However, unlike Equine, the giraffes aren’t as magically inclined, and as such they focus more on the use of physical alchemy and scientific pursuits to compensate for such. It’s due to this that they are very adept at spell casting when wielding an Enchanted item (usually in the form of an enchanted gauntlet or bracelet in place of a wand or staff), so much so that they rival (and perhaps surpass) the spellcasters of Equestria. As a whole however, giraffes are very intelligent and friendly creatures and more often than not attempt to avoid conflict (but they will certainly stand up for their country if need be).

-The Sphinx is a creature native to Saddle Arabia and, in appearance, often looks like a winged big cat with the head of an equine. While not all sphinxes have them, it’s pretty common for both the male and female to have their mane growing similarly to a lion’s (I got the idea from finding out some female lions actually get manes too!). They’re large creatures (they’re typically a foot taller than the average equine) and their bodies are powerful and packed with muscle. Their magic isn’t as concentrated as Equine magic but like the giraffe, they make up for that in their abilities in Enchanting and Transmuting alchemy. Their favorite form of spell-casting equipment is the bracelet or neck ornament (necklace, medallion, collar, torc).

Then of course there’s the griffon/sphinx hybrid. In general, this pairing, regardless of which partner is female or male, will always result in this. In appearance they appear mostly sphinx with their front legs being that of a griffon instead. They also typically have more feathers to them and, courtesy of their griffon relation, stronger and more direct control over their magic.

So yeah! :3 I’ll eventually do headcanon dumps of each species with more indepth headcanon but for now I hoped you guys enjoyed the preview. As always, feel more than free to ask me any questions! ^.^

Tranquility Pod

Instantly escape the stress of everyday life without ever having to leave your home by stepping into the tranquility pod. This luxurious pod of tranquility utilizes gentle vibrations, soothing sounds, and calming lights to put your body and mind at ease.


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